Steelbird is a Show-Stealer at Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi with 360 Degree Spin Booth

Steelbird is a Show-Stealer at Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi with 360 Degree Spin Booth


The chill of January was broken by the sizzling fervour of the return of the Auto Expo this year in the Delhi NCR region. The 16th Auto Expo, which is organized biennially in the Delhi NCR region with the joint effort of the Confederation of Indian Industry, the Automative Component Manufacturers Association and the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. Since 1986, the Expo has been a gateway to the global circuit of information and technical know-how in the automotive industry, not only allowing Indian ventures to absorb and learn from the best of them, but also providing the world glimpses of indigenous innovation and the country’s potential and appetite for automotive goods.

Certainly among the most anticipated expos in the capital, Auto Expo 2023 was, like its previous editions, a grand event split into two segments, Auto Expo: Vehicles held at the India Expo Mart in Noida from January 13 to 18, and Auto Expo: Components held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi from January 12 to 15. Inviting participation from both domestic and international brands, the former is essentially a motor show consisting of concept cars and production spec cars while the latter is a vast array of auto parts and constituent tech display. The parallel run of these two expos at different venues allows for greater comprehension and clearer focus, and in total saw over 800 participants this year who set up their booths and exhibited at the event.

After its last successful foray pre-pandemic in 2020, Steelbird returned to steal the thunder at Auto Expo 2023 with a stellar showcase of hundreds of automotive components such as fliters, rubber parts, lubricants, bearings, etc. Better known among the general populace by the name of ‘Steelbird helmets’, a testament to the almost household popularity of this product, Steelbird International is in fact and international manufacturer of auto components for both 2- and 4-wheelers, among which its auto filters are the most lauded. The executive staff present at the Expo also provided a brief of Steelbird’s rapid expansion in the domestic market and a glimpse into its future plans.

The star of Steelbird’s expansive booth for Auto Expo 2023 was the 360 degree spin booth in Delhi which delighted the audience on all four days of the Components expo. It engaged prospective customers, casual visitors and the varied staff at the expo, bringing on the face of each of its users a joy so evident it couldn’t help but resonate. Among the various photo booths in Delhi NCR, the 360 spin booth has indubitably secured itself a special place with its glmorous pull. In all, some 500 videos were generated by the booth’s attendees through the course of the expo, each complete with a personalized frame incorporating the Steelbird logo.

The 360-degree Spin Booth is easily among the most popular photobooths in Mumbai, registering its presence from corporate events to birthdays and weddings. With beautiful customized templates to suit the occasion and include relevant branding details and hashtags, and an array of funky props for the users to pose with, the 360 video booth is an absolute winner. Catching the eye of all those in attendance with its vibrant setup, the booth was vital to driving engagement and cheering the crowd with infectious enthusiasm for the event.

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