ADP India Company Day is a Mega Festival in Pune and Hyderabad Offices with Interactive Games

ADP India Company Day is a Mega Festival in Pune and Hyderabad Offices with Interactive Games

This July, ADP celebrated its 24th Company Day with much aplomb, to mark nearly two and a half decades of excellence in its field. The cheers resonated through the months of July and August for ADP India Company Day in Pune and Hyderabad.
ADP, or Automatic Data Processing Inc., as the name suggests, is an American cloud-based provider of human resource mamnagement services and software across the globe. Its payroll system and HR solutions are trsuted by employers of all sizes worldwide, an the company has proved itself by being in Fortune’s list of the most admired companies for sixteen consecutive years. Presently, ADP India has seven offices in several of the country’s metropolitan areas that have spanned rapidly since ADP’s journey began in India in 1999.
In proportion to its presence and industrial leadership acumen, the annual Company Day celebration also takes the form of a colossal festival, complete with thematic decorations, games, selfie booths and more. ADP India entrusted GoKapture to provide entertainment in two cities. We came up with several interactive games in Pune and Hyderabad for the diverse groups of ADP associates to enjoy over the course of July and August. The celebration took a form of providing steady in-office rejuvenation and transforming the workplace spirit through gamification.
We started off with the digital touch games, namely the Memory Game and the Jigsaw Puzzle. These two branded games are among our most in-demand interactive experiences for corporate events, owing to their versatility and adaptability. These digital game booths are
incredibly user-friendly and attractive in their vibrant layout, perfect to keep diverse crowds of visitors occupied. The Memory Game is a customizable activity of collecting matching pairs of cards and is a brand-favourite when it comes to heightening brand visibility, specially in terms of a company’s core values, messages, products and services. The Digital Jigsaw Puzzle is another branded game that is widely adored across demographics and can be personalized in various ways.
Check out the quality of our interactive Memory Game (Watch it in HD):

Next, we provided the AR-based Digital Hoopla game that was the source of much fun and entertainment at both locations. Without the hassle of the repetitive hoopla setup, our digitized hoopla utilizes augmented reality to make it possible to play the game anywhere.

Another megahit was our IOT-powered Spot Running Activity. Also known as the Stepper, it is a versatile interactive game setup that can be arranged for individual challenges or teamplaying. While the participants run on the designated spots, the connected display is powered to showcase customized animation and message. Thus, it can be used to design brand-specific missions or to give the runners the feel of an actual track race, as was the case for ADP.
Video: branded marketing games for ADP India Comapny Day impacted the event in the following ways:

  • Fostering interpersonal exchanges and networking: Interactive games in Hyderabad and Pune made for a lively ambiance and encouraged employees from different departments to come together and play. Overall, it also strengthened the community spirit with the Comapny Day celebrations and offered everyone a chance to enjoy and connect.
  • Renewing brand awareness: Branded games like these are an excellent means of refurbishing a brand’s relationship with its audience. For ADP India, they helped the employees see the company in a new light and also generated greater visibility for the company ethos, goals, products and services as a whole via games.
  • Enlivening the workspace environment: Through these games, ADP also showed its dedication to promoting a healthy work culture by encouraging a competitive spirit and taking breaks to keep work interesting. July and August saw employees eagerly anticipating what challenge awaited them next.
  • Revitalizing and incentivizing: Providing a novel and fun experience to the employees, these games, using innovative technologies such as AR and IOT, won numerous hearts and restored the energy levels. They ensured that the annual celebration was an occasion to new the vows of quality and dedicated service and fueled motivation to deliver the best for the company.

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