TATA AIG Caps Grand Success with 360 Degree Spin Booth and Interactive Games in Bengaluru

TATA AIG Caps Grand Success with 360 Degree Spin Booth and Interactive Games in Bengaluru

Finishing this financial year with another stellar performance, TATA AIG Insurance Company had a bit more than usual to celebrate this time. As the company crossed a mighty significant milestone of 10,000 crore GWP (Gross Written Premium), there was much excitement in the air.

TATA AIG Insurance is among India’s leading private insurance providers across sectors like health, travel and other purchases. A joint venture between the Tata Group and the American International Group, it was established in 2001 and has grown into an elaborate network of agents, services and protection schemes. Upon the conclusion of the financial year 2022-23, the official figures reported TATA AIG’s GWP standing at 13,448 crores.

On June 19, 2023, TATA AIG held a generous celebration in Bengaluru to the theme of ‘10 Ka Dum’, showcasing the company’s might. The event was a testament not only to the greater heights this TATA venture is constantly soaring to, but also the steady dedication and optimistic attitude of the entire TATA family at work to refine their services and offer nothing short of brilliance.

With the help of GoKapture, the organizers were able to infuse much fervour and excitement into the event, setting up some cool gamified activities and a photobooth in Bangalore. The star of the show was our recent innovation called the Excitometer. It is essentially an interactive feedback wall that records the audience’s enthusiasm- yes, literally! The web application registers the sounds made by the audience’s loud cheers and transforms it into completing a customized visual onscreen, which is duly branded with the company’s elements relevant to the occasion. This cheer megaphone served the function of building hype and invigorating the audience with team work in raising the bar as high as possible.

Check out the quality of our Excitometer (Watch it in HD):

Another smart gamification marketing activity that has received much adoration at corporate events, fests and other BTL marketing avenues is our Stepper or Spot Running activity. Using the Internet of Things technology, it links a digital display to sensors that detect running motion and makes a highly interactive game out of it. Our Stepper Activity in Bengaluru drove engagement and powered the guests to take the challenge and put on their running shoes. This interactive game booth remained a constant centre of attraction and had people of all age groups exercising their muscles amid fun and healthy competition with friends and colleagues

Video :

To top it all, TATA AIG also rented out the popular 360 degree spin booth in Bangalore, helping the attendees make great memories with uber cool shots. The 360 video booth, with its array of customziing options and branding choices, is not only a lively addition to any occasion, but also serves to encourage the guests to bust out fun moves and innovative poses in front of the camera. The 360 booth is an effective way of setting an amicable, relaxing and joyful vibe to the most formal of events.

Video :

Event technology is a horizon of possibilities, and with GoKapture, you can aim for the sky. We bring to you the latest and the best of photo and videobooths, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and more to curate experiences for a particular audience. Celebrate your next success with our popular Digital Caricature Booth or the evergreen Strip Photo Booth. If glamourous is your way to go, opt for the fabulous Glambot and make it a moment for everyone to remember. Indulge your audience in interactive gaming sessions with branded marketing and lead generation games, IOT-based activities and more. Ensure that your special occasion is just as special for all the participants and give them abundant memories to treasure. Call us to book: 9963702557, 8886666793

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