Times of India Rocks at Goa Fest 2023 with Selfie Booth

Times of India Rocks at Goa Fest 2023 with Selfie Booth


The excitement could barely be contained as this gorgeous city prepared for the annual Goa Fest, held from May 24 to 26 to honour and encourage the best and up-and-coming in media.

A three-day gala at Grand Hyatt, Goa, the 2023 edition of the Goa Fest was woven around the theme of the “Future of Creativity,” promoting the growth and innovation of creative expression and storytelling across different media. Multiple informative panels were organized to map the course of media platforms and industry trends, interspersed with celebratory luncheons and dinners and entertaining performances. Additionally, the Fest collaborated to host a series of masterclasses on the latter two days, ranging from media planning to e-commerce.

The Times of India, one of the country’s leading dailies, was a prime participant in the fest. As the world’s largest selling English newspaper in circulation since 1838, TOI has been home to some noteworthy columnists and passionate reporters. Announcing its presence with a stunning exhibition booth, TOI showcased its long legacy and commitment to the purpose of doing right by journalism.

While the TOI booth at the Goa Fest was itself a visual treat soaking up attention, it requested a photobooth rental in Goa from GoKapture to treat its visitors. Our Selfie Booth in Goa blended seamlessly into the theme of the Time’s of India booth space at the fest and was a colossal attraction to a broad demographic of the attendees. The success of the selfie photo booth at the event can be justly summed up in the following points:
  • Providing customised photographs as freebies, the selfie booth easily amassed a queue of users looking to take back tangible memories from the Goa Fest.
  • The booth created a sense of continuity and coherence in echoing the TOI stall aesthetic and extending the brand’s presence.
  • What’s more, it produced equally befitting photo prints that were duly branded to carry prominent visual cues amplifying TOI’s reach and impression upon even the most casual of visitors.

Check out the quality of our selfie booth (Watch it in HD):

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