Microsoft’s ‘Bring Your Family to Work’ Day is a Kaleidoscope of Fun in 3 Metropolitan Cities of India

Microsoft’s ‘Bring Your Family to Work’ Day is a Kaleidoscope of Fun in 3 Metropolitan Cities of India

For most of us, work takes up so much space in our lives that it becomes it. Therefore, it is necessary that we infuse it with just the right amount of fun so as to not lose our sense of purpose. Microsoft abides by this spirit, which is why it periodically conducts activities for the employees in offices around the world to rejuvenate, rejoice and reconnect.

One such occasion is the annual ‘Bring Your Family to Work’ Day, dedicated not only unwinding a little but also socialising with colleagues, friends and family alike. This day indicates Microsoft’s commitment to its community at work, allowing the employees to bring to their offices their family members and familiarize them with the workspace, share and have a gala of a time. As a multinational corporation easily leading in the realm of software products and internet technology, Microsoft has been a pioneer of many things in making the world as we know it today.

On June 24, 2023, Microsoft organized its ‘Bring Your Family to Work’ Day in three Indian metropolitan cities, viz., Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. GoKapture was the proud assistant in ensuring this day was truly memorable to the employees and their respective guests. Our teams provided swift ideation and execution in five locations in all in the aforementioned cities, setting up games and photobooths to regale the visitors.

An array of interactive games in Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore were arranged to hype up the attendees. GoKapture designed a touchscreen-based Jigsaw Puzzle game to entertain the kids and adults alike, while several VR games were also installed for those seeking adventure and novelty. The digital branded game made for some impressionable and natural brand interaction for Microsoft. Three games using Virtual Reality, namely Beat Saber, Roller Coaster and Walk the Plank, caused much curiosity and the excitement peaked as the visitors lined up for a novel experience.

Check out the quality of our Branded Game Jigsaw Puzze (Watch it in HD):

Another gamification marketing innovation that found its place in all three cities’ MIcrosoft offices was the Internet of Things technology-based spot-running activity. This embedded system Stepper Activity invites people to jog- or run, depending on their competitive spirit- to complete an animation on the display in front. This multi-player interactive game makes for a great team-building activity and engages its participants actively with the brand message. For this family occasion at Microsoft, we kept it simple and fun to make a track race out of it.

Besides these exuberant gamified activities, a common feature in all three cities was GoKapture’s widely adored 360-degree Spin Booth. The 360 Spin Video Booth had the crowd lining up to capture fun and dynamic videos. Additionally, the classic Strip Photobooth also featured at the celebration for the attendees to make some lasting memories with. Both the video and photobooths in Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad were a sight of much laughter and energy as families gathered up to collect branded souvenirs of their special time together.

GoKapture has created a name for itself in connecting brands, big or small, with diverse audiences in meaningful ways. We understand that a business, however expansive its reach, is built by threading together small communities. So whether you’re gearing up for a giant corporate event to unveil your latest vision, or simply organizing a small inter-departmental gathering to allow your employees to connect and strengthen their team work, we have a line of trendy photobooths in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and other corporate hubs of the country to cater to your needs. Make your marketing campaign a notch cooler with our Hashtag Printer or the Digital Caricature Booth or usher them into a world of exciting possibilities with AR/VR technologies.

Every occasion is someone’s dream come true, and we at GoKapture truly understand how much it means to breath life into another’s vision. GoKapture is a leading event technology innovator, spanning photobooths, modified reality, Internet of Things, and much more. A brand, a company, a workspace community is built one encouraging interaction at a time, and our stunning Selfie Booth, Strip Booth and the Digital Caricature Booth know just how to get them for you.

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