Deloitte India Celebrates Family Day 2023 amid much Pomp and Glitter with Interactive Games and Photobooths

On October 7, Deloitte India celebrated its Family Day 2023 throughout its offices in the country. The event was a treat for all its associates, a chance to bask in the immersive company culture Deloitte is known for.

Commonly lauded as one of the big four in India, Deloitte is originally a UK-based company whose services span finance, audit, technology, government and public services, health care and more. Since its inception in 1995, Deloitte India has been building its reputation as a behemoth in finace and risk advisory, tax and legal consultation and services, and a career here is highly coveted.

The Family Day celebrations provided another glipmse into just why Deloitte is a favourite among those wishing to kickstart their careers and participate in a work ethic of excellence and dedication. The pan-India festivities for the day embraced all 18 offices of the company at various locations in India. Deloitte requested GoKapture’s expert assistance in proviidng due event technology support to the event so that it concluded without a glitch. In all, we came up with a total of 55 exciting and engaging activities in different cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Thane, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Jamshedpur, Kolkata and more so that the Deloitte family everywhere could come together and rejoice on this occasion.

First off, we provided two of our most popular photobooths for corporate events, namely the glamorous 360 Spin Booth and the trendy Digital Caricature Booth. Together, these photobooths in Mumbai and other places set the tone for the day, inviting every attendee to take a moment to shine bright in the spotlight. They aptly blended with the ambiance, and helped the participants transition between workplace ritual and unbounded joy with colleagues and friends. The Digital Caricature Photo Booth saw massive traction as it rapidly transformed pictures into fun caricatures to serve as branded takeaways from the event.

The 360-degree video booth is an obvious draw for all types of audiences, and guarantees fun for its users. The booth was a raging hit in every one of the Deloitte offices, as the people queued up with moves to impress. Together, the two booths successfully enamored different groups of Deloitte associates and spurred them to make lasting memories of the day, fusing the company’s name and presence with these happy moments.

Our superhit Stepper or Spot Running Activity was another IOT-based game setup that found enthusiasts everywhere. A versatile interactive game owing to efficacious branding and customizable display, the Stepper can be designed as a race to the finish line or as a team mission. Hundreds of participants competed against each other with buzzing fervour, making this game booth a constant source of cheer and joy for all present.

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