Linkedin Enamors Attendees with VR Boxing Game in Bengaluru

LinkedIn is a career-focused social media platform that has been facilitating businesses and employment networking all around the globe. It has become a vital means of growth, personal branding, endorsement, etc. and functions as an elaborate resumé or portfolio for millions of users. LinkedIn India, with its headquarters in Bangalore, is the country’s hub for this global network of profiling and fostering connections.

With the help of GoKapture’s VR rental, LinkedIn India treated its associates to an ultimate workplace gamification experience on October 18 and 19, 2023. The VR Boxing Game setup in Bengaluru invited everyone to unwind and gather together for a fiesta to celebrate the company’s spirit and power up for a brighter future and greater success. Our team worked around creatively to set up multiple displays, connected to high-end PCs to make VR Boxing a captivating, immersive experience for all the participants, engaging multiple senses and delivering them straight into the ring.

Check out the quality of our Virtual Reality Boxing (Watch it in HD):

VR Games for corporate events such as these are best suited for enhanced workspace engagement. This occasion was a testament to the joyous and relaxed atmosphere it created with happy employees taking away indelible memories from the day.

The impact of VR games in Bangalore, as exemplified in the case of LinkedIn, may be listed as follows:

The VR activity helped strengthen the employees’ relationship with the company, enriching the work environment and emboldening the brand name in all its prestige. VR Boxing is a thoroughly immersive activity, that indubitably livened up the place and fostered an atmosphere of positivity at the event. Capturing everyone’s attention, such event gamification makes for an emphatic impression and an unforgettable, defining memory.

Virtual Reality Games can be an effective means of team building, contributing to an overall positive vibe and caring a path to innovative,
affective branding. Positive brand association goes a long way in authentically curating a company’s
The event was a tremendous hit that reverberated its success with social media traction as well. The
novelty of VR gaming encourages online sharing and word-of-mouth marketing.

Event technology is a vital tool in amplifying your voice, no matter the scale of your event. At GoKapture, we make sure that you’re seen and heard just as you
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complete arsenal of tools to optimize interaction, branding and edutainment to spell out success for
your next celebration.

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