Ingram’s 50k Mid-Year Sales Ignition Event in Mumbai is a Colossal Hit with an Interactive Game Zone

Ingram’s 50k Mid-Year Sales Ignition Event in Mumbai is a Colossal Hit with an Interactive Game Zone


The eventful day of July 11, 2023 was some work but mostly play in Westin, Powai, Mumbai as the Ingram Micro team gathered for a fun time. In order to invigorate the employees at their Mumbai branch to reach a sales target of 50 crores, Ingram came up with an interesting day of exciting activities around the theme of ‘RRR: Reboot, Reignite, Reimagine’. Spelling out the motivation behind the event, the theme also dictates the company’s understanding of and commitment to a healthy work culture and due appreciation of the members who work dedicatedly to realize the business goals.

Ingram Micro is a US-based IT services and consultancy company and is among the world’s leading technical infrastructure providers. With a motto of helping people realise “the promise of technology,” Ingram functions to provide digital solutions to empower businesses. At its Mumbai office, the company set its eyes on a significant sales target, to boost which it set up a day of fun and frolic.

When Ingram came to GoKapture with its plans for the day, we offered them more than just individual event technology supplies to add to the event- we helped them design the event, and in the process, ended up refurbishing the whole spirit of it. Thus was born a dedicated game zone of interactive games in Mumbai which had Ingram Micro’s name all over on it. First off, we customized a set of six digital touch games, such as a Memory Game of matching pairs of cards and a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Next, we set up six popular VR games for the visitors to enjoy something new and out of the box. These included an adventurous Roller Coaster ride and the beloved game of cricket. Alongside Virtual Reality, we also provided some thrilling Augmented Reality-based gamified activities that indicated Ingram readily embracing the latest trends and bridging gaps. Our AR activities included Digital Hoopla and the incredibly interesting AR Mind Reader that is GoKapture’s stunning innovation and makes for some mighty cool gamification marketing. We also designed an embedded system using the Internet of Things technology- a punching bag activity that had everyone lining up to test their strength and give it a go.

Check out the quality of our interactive punching activity (Watch it in HD):

Our branded marketing games in Mumbai helped Ingram in the following ways:

  • Engagement and team building: The various interactive games invigorated the audience and drew them in for active participation at the event. They also served to lubricate interactions and networking at this major company event and invoked a community feeling that comes with playing together and sharing one’s wins and losses.
  • Greater awareness: Besides boosting brand recognition in general, branded games are also customized to incorporate core company values, new product or campaign information. This aids their promotion and heightens the employees’ curiosity and awareness of their own involvement, however remote, as they can clearly visulaize the end results and see themselves as part of a much larger whole.
  • Incentivization and rejuvenation: A branded game zone makes for an excellent energizer. With the use of technologies like IOT and AR and VR games, it also offered a novel expereince to many attendees. Rewards, whether tangible or not, and a competitive spirit in general, provide significant motivations to enhance mental and physical health and work performance.
Lastly, we came up with a customised Graffiti web application that was set up at the venue as a Floating Message Wall. It displayed feedback and other message inputs, entered by the users in their own handwriting on a screen.
Check out the quality of our interactive games (Watch it in HD):

Whether you’re looking for a photobooth in Mumbai to jazz up your corporate bash or liven up a conference, or wishing to create a uniquely branded experience for your audience to remember you by, GoKapture is your go-to. We are revolutionizing event technology and experiential marketing solutions, one customer’s dreams at a time. Show them you know just how to throw a party with the 360 video booth, or make a game out of feedback collection and photobooths with activities such as the Digital Slingshot and Bobbleheads.

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