Over 300 Video Content Generated for Asian Paints in Visakhapatnam with 360 Degree Spin Booth


Celebrations were in order at Asian Paints as the world hurtled towards the close of another financial year. Marking a successful yearly journey from 2022 to 2023 in terms of both satisfied customers and happy employees, Asian Paints’ Visakhapatnam branch took out time to look back, reflect and rejuvenate on March 14, 2023.

Clearly a household name at this point, Asian Paints is an India-based multinational behemoth in an array of services for homes and other sites. Experts in the manufacture of paints and coatings, they have also extended their scope to involve waterproofing, home decor and interior design solutions. Asian Paints is a brand leading industry trends with its innovations, ensuring customer value in making a house a home.

At their Visakhapatnam hub, the Asian Paints family got together to unwind and rejoice. A focal point of the semi-formal gathering was the 360 spin booth rental provided by GoKapture. Incredibly popular for its versatility and adaptability to suit events of any style and size, the 360 degree spin booth in Visakhapatnam is easily a winner when it comes to video booths. Effortlessly glamorous, the 360 spin booth proved quite the charmer in encouraging the attendees to step up and bust out some moves.

The 360 degree video booth helped Asian Paints, the colossal brand name, to form a more immediate connection with its employees at the event. Internal company events are usually centered around fostering a community-feeling, boosting team spirit among colleagues and helping them see the brand they’re employed under in a more tangible, intimate form. It is no surprise then, that the 360 spin booth, like other photo booths in Visakhapatnam for corporate events and promotional activities, provided a key linkage in assisting one-on-one interaction with the company, gifting the users customized videos from the booth.

As a leading event technology innovator, GoKapture functions on the principle of delivering experiences that leave an indelible mark on the hearts of people. In helping businesses shape their brand identity and appeal to their audiences in a more intimate manner, our products are a bridge like no other. You can also add spark to your events in Visakhapatnam with the Freeze Booth or the Slow Motion Booth, both of which are video booths that generate fun, customizable, sharable clips. Be it a conference or for purposes of BTL marketing, you can invigorate your audiences with our Hashtag Printer or the Selfie Booth. And if you’re thinking grand, why not add an element of novelty with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality rentals to wow the crowd?

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