How To Promote An Event Successfully

  1. Event marketing is very difficult when compared to marketing products or services. All possible marketing channels and mediums need to be utilized in order to make the most of your event. In order to learn how to promote an event successfully read the following guide.

    At times it feels like an impossible task however with the right direction and strategies it can be done in a synchronized manner

    Pre Event Marketing Planning

    Do you want to create a buzz for your coming event? Do you want to sell your ticketed event? Do you want to do both?

    Make sure your marketing goals are clear. In order to promote your event successfully, it is essential that your objectives and goals are defined

    Once your goals and objectives are clear, you will need a clear vision in terms of measuring your efforts. Set clear and achievable metrics which will enable you to track the performance of your efforts.

    Identifying your target audience is also of utmost importance. Who is your target audience is one question most marketers fail to realize, so make sure you have that in place.

    Multichannel event marketing

    The best way to create a marketing plan is to include multiple marketing channels. Only after marketing on multiple platforms and channels you can conclude which works best.

    Make sure you have the following disciplines in place:

    Social Media:  Using a dedicated hashtag for your event is of utmost importance.

    Use creative ads and videos to promote your event on social media platforms. Social media platforms enable you to select a niche target audience and are much cheaper as compared to traditional media buying.

    Email Marketing:Building your email marketing campaign is just as important as any other marketing method. Try building adaptive email sequences which will be more relatable and relevant to the viewers.

    PR:Just because you are marketing on social platforms it does not mean you do not utilize your PR to the maximum make sure you publish your event in relevant newsletters, magazines, and newspapers

    Mail:  Never underestimate the power of physical mail. The real and physical element of a mail received creates a mark on the receiver’s mind. We live in a digital world where we are oblivious to digital advertisements.

    Website/Landing Page:It is extremely important to have some kind of a digital identity as it is the crux of the digital domain. Provide all information about the event on this web property.

    Promote during the event: Promotions during the events are as important as promoting before the event.

    It’s very important you continue promoting the event throughout if you want to maintain the hype.

    If they are engaged now they’ll want to attend the next event.

    There are numerous ways you can do this.

    • HashTag Printing:JustKapture offers you the opportunity to engage with your audience and turn them into individual influencers. Our service of live hashtag printing enables them to take home a keepsake while advertising your event. To know more about it click here
    • Live stream:Try using Facebook or Instagram live or both in order to showcase your event to the world
    • The Social Wall: Our social wall is a corporate favorite! If there is a topic of discussion the users can voice their opinion with a tweet along with the event’s hashtag and get their tweets displayed on a large screen to know more about the social wall click here.

    We Hope Our Guide On How To Promote An Event Successfully helped you gain some great ideas. if you have eany other ideas do let us know in the comments below

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