Take your corporate event to next level with hashtag printer and social wall.

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Tired of hearing that corporate events are boring and stressful? Want to get rid of this image? Looking to change the corporate event scenario once and for all? Well, let’s do it. Changing the dull vibe of such we-mean-business kind of events is not an easy task but we have got you covered.
Corporate Events are generally very dynamic in nature which require a strict focus on schedules and seamless organization. To make sure the corporate luminaries can attend the event with ease despite their extremely busy and time-bound schedules. Moreover, organizing these events can be stressful and taxing with fixed deadlines to adhere to.

Make your event come to life and watch people work best under this stressful corporate environment as they #hashtag their way to a successful event which is guaranteed to captivate your audience. Hijack the top spot on the trending social media feed with the Hashtag Printer and Social Wall.

This is how the Hashtag Printer/Social wall works:

  1. The Hashtag Printer makes the place come alive as people connect using Hashtags and share not just their hard work but also the fun they have on the job! All that the Participants have to do is – Click a selfie, Hashtag it and Upload it on social media platforms like Instagram, or Twitter. The Hashtag Printer will print your photo within seconds making it the perfect personalized gift for you to keep forever. Kapture. Hashtag. Upload #ThatsAllitTakes
  2. The Social Wall will showcase all the uploaded pictures, videos on-the-go giving the corporate participants a much-needed breather as it brings a smile to their faces.
  3. Social Media Contest: Make it rewarding by asking your employees to share their photo/videos on social media and let the photo/video which tops the popularity charts in terms of like/shares/comments take home some cool gifts.

This is how Hashtag Printer/Social will help:

  1. Bring the best out of your employees and encourage them to activate their creative and competitive minds. Let the creative juices flow in your team as they engage with Hashtag Printer / Social Wall to showcase what a happy and successful team looks like.
  2. Instant gratification is what everyone is looking for. Make it happen with a instant personalized gift created in seconds through hashtag printer because 20 second is what it takes from post to print.
  3. Let your team enjoy a breather by seeing themselves on the big Social Wall and enjoying their minute to fame. This little gesture of appreciation and light hearted laugh between the colleagues will create a strong bond between the employees, making your company a happy united family.
  4. This also give you UGC(user/employee generated content) for your company for showcasing your work culture and promoting the brand. It will help you capture the top spot on social media feeds for organic and productive marketing.

Timing is extremely crucial for creating a successful corporate event that’s why it takes #UnderAMinute with our Hashtag Printer, Social Wall to Captivate, Galvanize and Electrify your corporate participants.

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