Upgrade from the cliched photoBooth to kapture lifetime memories with the hashtag printer.

Looking to make your wedding a-day-to-remember that not only captures your imagination but also makes your guests go gaga? Want it to be quirky? Want it to be memorable? We have got you covered . Let us make your wedding a Page 3 wedding by not just kicking things up a notch but taking it to a whole new level.
While the photographer captures your memories give us the opportunity to kapture your guest’s creativity and give them a sweet memoir of their own picture to ensure that it is a #throwbackthursday whenever they look back at it.
Nowadays, drones cover the entire wedding while PhotoBooths wait quietly in the corner. Not anymore! You can now kapture pictures from every corner of the wedding with your phone and post it on Instagram/Twitter with #Wedding and we will be ready with the print in seconds. And the fun doesn’t end there you can also make instagram collages and use all those jazzy filters to make it more fun. Check out what others are upto as you keep a track of your pictures with the Instagram hashtag feed. You can also follow the same hashtag for life just like #Virushka did!
And to make sure you don’t miss out on any moment while helping your guests kapture their memories, we will provide you with support staff to make sure that, the not-so-tech- savvy guests don’t miss out on this gift of a lifetime.

Let the Hashtag printer bring your picture to life.
#CreatingMemories #MakingPicturesComeToLife

Other Hashtags you can use:

#HashtagPrinter #GoKapture #MakingMemoriesThatLastForever #KaptureInnovation #ThrowbackThursday #KaptureImagination #WeedingPrinter #BeYourOwnPhotographer #KaptureItAll #HappyPeopleHappyPictures

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