Tax Gala 2024: A Stunning Show in Partnership with GoKapture

TAX Gala 2024 Deloitte- GoKapture

Known variously as the Tax Challenge and the Gala Dinner, the Tax Gala refers to an annual event organized by Deloitte in its major hubs across India, a day filled with fun and frolic, meant to celebrate, commemorate and craft a brighter future together. The Tax Gala 2024, with its tagline of ‘Ready, Resilient, rapid’, was held in three major Indian cities- Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi- with incredible fanfare.
Boasting of the largest revenues generated by a professional service provider globally, Deloitte is a US-based multinational company, catering to numerous brands and businesses with tax, audit and other related advisory services. Deloitte India has cemented its name not only among its customers but also an aspirational base of students and young leaders.
For this power-packed celebration of the Deloitte family’s might, the organizers once again chose GoKapture as their event tech partners, having previously been assured of our quality and professionalism on the occasion of Family Day 2023 at 18 locations across the country. The Tax Gala had as its first stop the city of dreams, Mumbai, on April 26, after which the experience would reach people in Bangalore and Delhi on May 10 and May 17 respectively.

The Tax Gala is an enormous annual gathering of Deloitte associates that sees keynote messages, motivational panels, award distribution and more to invoke the company’s spirit with tremendous fervour and renew its commitment for the future. Thus, it was essential for our team to design an interactive, entertaining experience for the crowd that would guarantee longevity in memory and an intimacy with the brand that is Deloitte. Hence, our objectives for the event may be recounted as follows:

  • Invigorating the crowd to blend harmoniously under the unifying spirit of Deloitte.
  • Integrating the theme into takeaways and encouraging the reflection of the same in online interaction.
  • Livening up the ambiance with joy and amicability for all.

We implemented and executed the following smart event technology solutions to attain these objectives. First off, in order to present a tangible, impressive picture of the giant that is Deloitte and its steadily growing family in India, we opted for a Photo Mosaic Wall in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru to take centre stage. Designed to be a grid of 800 pictures in catering to the massive footfall at each location, the Physical Mosaic embodied the spirit of the occasion and served as a lubricant aiding the flow of the event and encouraging interpersonal interaction. Compared to its digital counterpart, the physical photo mosaic offers a more hands-on experience, proving a simple yet charming team activity that brings together the attendees like pearls in a beautiful necklace to unveil the final picture.

Next up was our AI Photo Booth that explored another component of the theme- RRR- a nod to the blockbuster film that took the Oscars by the storm last year. Echoing the fervour, we installed two Bollywood-themed photobooths at every gala event. The AI Photo Booth in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi gave the audience glimpses of some of the most iconic characters in the history of Indian cinema. The booth was an undisputed hit, continuously abuzz with guests in pairs or triplets to prseerve the moment with their friends and colleagues.

Tax Gala 2024 AI Photo Booth
AI Photo Booth in Mumbai
Instead of individual selfies, by customizing this AI Photo Booth for movie buffs around famous duos and trios, we amplified social sharing among the booth users who took to various online platforms to post there impressive stills, tag friends and engage with the brand online.

Lastly, we also set up an interactive hub at which attendees could leave their selfies signed with their names and messages. This multimedia-enabled event wall was given the form of the Digital Slingshot Activity, providing a fun and gamified engagement experience to all.

Check out the quality of our interactive entertainment hub for Tax Gala 2024 (Watch it in HD):

Turn up at your next company event in full colour and dazzle with the brightness of GoKapture’s personalized event technology and experiential marketing solutions. Our photobooths in Mumbai, Delhi NCR and other places, along with interactive branded games, smart displays and other offerings are ready to transform your venue into an engagement hub that reels people in and gifts them unforgettable memories to go home with.

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