Provident Botanico Welcomes Takers with AI Photo Booth in Bengaluru

TFMC India Green Summit 2024

Inaugurating its latest luxury residential venture in the coveted location of Whitefield, East Bangalore, the Provident Group organized a pre-launch event on April 14. 2024.

Christened Provident Botanico, the project aims to establish a premium apartment complex spread over 14 acres and consisting of about 1100 units by 2027. An exemplar of modern housing and sleek, futuristic high-rise accommodations, Provident Housing is a real estate and construction company committed to delivering the experience of “elevated urban living” with sustainable homes and varying lifestyle amenities in the lap of nature, distant from the cacophanous metropolitan bustle.

By inculcating features such as rainwater harvesting and a sewage treatment plant in their luxury housing project boasting of a sprawling clubhouse and other state-of-the-art facilities, Provident is a pioneer in forging a path of sustainable urban living, answering to the calls of today’s world. This pre-launch thus underscored their prime value and ideational core, i.e., “designed by the 5 elements of nature,” namely, air, water, space, fire and earth.

The pre-launch event sought to direct attention not just to this individual project and invite bookings, but also to the very work ethic of Provident Housing, seeking to draw greater interest in their eco-friendly approach and conscientious, responsible business mindset. Thus, with the objective of declaring their new venture alongside emboldening their position as industry leaders and the shapers of a better tomorrow, the organizers collaborated with GoKapture to convey this brand image, wrapped up in an unforgettable, entertaining experience that showcases the company’s understanding of the trends of the modern world as well as the demands of their audiences.

It is their ideational message around which we decided to design a fantastical AI Photo Booth experience for the attendees that would convey the spirit of this campaigning in every click, every smile. The AI Photo Booth in Bengaluru took the five elements of nature as prompts to design an array of other-worldly, Avatar-inspired characters. By establishing this association with the practical ideology of Provident, the booth enabled every user to feel right at the centre of this project, thus delivering a sense of intimacy with the brand. This magical photobooth in Bengaulru proved a crowd-favourite, gifting attendees incredible, artistic masterpieces of shots as souvenirs to keep with them.

Nature-themed AI Photobooth in Bangalore by GoKapture
AI Photo Booth in Bengaluru by GoKapture
AI Photobooth in Bengaluru for Provident Botanico by GoKapture
AI Photobooth for Botanico by GoKapture
AI Photobooth software for Botanico by GoKapture

To add to the fun, we also installed a 5-player IoT-based Stepper game at the venue. This Spot Running Activity is an ingenious brand activation strategy, as noted here with its impressive customization and branding detail, down to the gameplay. The Stepper is a fully customizable, IoT-powered embedded gamification system, which we tailored into a 5-people activity for Provident Botanico, corresponding with the 5 natural elements that formed the thematic premise of the occasion. Named ‘Run to Achieve’, the game was a lively and engaging session that spread cheer throughout the event and kept the enthusiasm cruising.

Stepper Spot Running activity by GoKapture

With GoKapture, you can craft your event into a one-of-its-kind, unforgettable experience that guests hold close to their heart and raise brand awareness anew.

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