AI Photo Booth in Hyderabad for Corporate EventAI Photo Booth in Hyderabad for Corporate Event

White & Black Events Wins Hearts with AI Photo Booth in Hyderabad

TFMC India Green Summit 2024

On May 17, 2024, the Telangana Facility Management Council (TFMC) met for its 10th Green FM Summit in Hyderabad, bringing under one roof leaders and managers from diverse backgrounds and specializations for a dynamic, thought-provoking exchange.
TFMC, founded in 2015, is a collaborative body that unites FM fraternities with with various governmental and private bodies to foster industrial growth along sustainable, environment friendly lines. Cultivating excellence and credibility in the arena of work environment management, its annual Green FM Summit is a key event that garners resources and networking opportunities for businesses to learn and expand.

On this commendable occasion, one of the attendees at the summit was White & Black Events and Entertainment, a young event ideation and management hub with a robust spirit to make its presence felt. Thus, they collaborated with GoKapture to shape their vision and mark their participation with a bold and impressive debut that would leave a lasting impression upon the attendees.

Objectives: As the FM Summit is a massive congregation of distinguished leaders, government officials and other industry heavyweights, it was a conducive environment for exposure and forming key linkages. The event presented the client with various interactive and growth opportunities, for which it was indispensable to stand out-of-the-box in the enormous crowd of attendees and presenters. The agenda was to attract, engross and maximize event recall with a unique engaging experience that would also do rounds on social media.

Ideation and Implementation: Looking at the formal nature of the gathering, we went for a photobooth installation with a twist. It was time to unveil our AI Photo Booth in Hyderabad and let its creative spur do the talking. Encapsulating the spirit of the summit and its commitment to the environment and sustainable growth solutions, we generated part realistic, part fantastical images to be ingrained with the client’s logo and a sober and sleek layout. Our AI Photo Booth boasted of a gorgeous gallery of characters to choose from, each of which represented a thrilling, captivating aspect of the incredible diversity of flora on earth.

Underwater-themed AI Photobooth by GoKapture
Underwater-themed AI Photobooth at TFMC Summit by GoKapture

From deep-sea mysteries to the feeling of standing on the edge of the world, each of our pictures delivered a sense of reverence for mother nature. This photobooth in Hyderabad captured a sense of adventure, our curiosity and unceasing exploratory quest, as well as an unadulterated sense of tranquility that can only be obtained in the lap of nature.

Nature-themed AI Photobooth by GoKapture
Nature-themed AI Photobooth in Hyderabad by GoKapture

Outcome: With GoKapture’s very own AI Photo Booth Software, we designed a stunning, dynamic and fun photobooth experience that carried the brand elements of White & Black Events and effortlessly bosltered their brand visibility through the chaos and frenzy of the day. Guests lined up to don the wanderer hat at the booth and leave with expertly crafted souvenirs from the summit.

Nature-themed AI Photobooth in Hyderabad for Green FM Summit by GoKapture
AI Photobooth in Hyderabad by GoKapture

Plan your next conference participation to leave a lasting brand impression. With GoKapture, you can turn every one of your associations and attendances into an invaluable marketing bonus, a promise of more that makes heads turn.

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