Nasdaq’s Decade-Old Celebration Takes Off with AI Photo Booth in Bangalore

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In 2024, Nasdaq completes its ten years in India, and this birthday is marked by a glorious celebration. On May 9 and 10, associates from around the country gathered in Bangalore for a tw-day bonanza.

Occasion: The celebration was intended to mark Nasdaq’s ten years of steady growth in India, and to announce, as well as give a glimpse to the world of the energy and aspirations that the company continues to channel to expand to greater heights.

Objectives: Alongside the celebratory feel, the event was also planned to serve as a testament to the brand’s might and re-invigorate its public image. It was to be an occasion for the company’s associates to rejoice, unwind and obtain motivation to renew their commitment and care for the company, as colleagues, higher management and leaders assembled under one roof and shared laughs and insights. Lastly, the celebration was also to take the conversation online and create social media buzz around the brand, its trajectory and milestones.

Implementation: For engagement on steroids, the team at GoKapture decided to go ahead with two of our latest offerings- the AI Photo Booth and the Glambot Photobooth in Bengaluru. As both are among the trendiest event experiences at present, and are able to deliver dynamic and creative output, it was a smart choice to drive up hype, both on location and on social media, and keep the conversation going for days with lasting memories.

Execution: First off, we set up a pair of AI Photo Booths at the venue, which offered a wide variety of creative choices for the attendees to feature as per their preferences. The result was an electric engagement hub in the form of the AI Photo Booth in Bangalore that allowed booth users to step into the shoes of their favourite movie characters or a beloved superhero. In line with the organizers’ request, we prioritized the entertainment value of variety over defining a singular theme.

AI Photo Booth in Bangalore byGoKapture
The booth proved a much bigger hit than anticipated, resulting in a last-minute call to cater to the attendees’ kids frequenting the booth and being fascinated by it. For the little fans, we created some fun characters they would love to dress up as, and gifted entire families precious keepsakes to remember the day by.

Declaring double the fun, we also treated the guests to the glamorous Glambot in Bangalore. This photobooth takes its inspiration from celebrity red carpet events, and delivers the awesomeness and lux vibes of the same to your party. The celebration starts where the Glambot Photo Booth is at, and this was proven to be a fact at Nasdaq’s ten-year gala. Attendees queued up with their entire gang and aim for the most impressive shot with the Glambot. The result were dynamic Instagram-worthy videos that one can’t help but play on loop.

Check out the quality of our Glambot Photobooth (Watch it in HD):

Mark your milestones with the wonders of engaging event technology experiences. At GoKapture, we help you design experiences that further your brand’s story, delivering its essence in branded souvenirs, uninhibited joy and lasting memories. Make sure that your next corporate gala is the talk of the town, and the momentum of interest lingers for days after. Call us to book: 9963702557  8886666793

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