Learn how Puffecto engaged with its audience at the Sula Fest

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Sula Fest describes itself as a ‘Gourmet World Music Festival’ which essentially means that it has all the ingredients of music, food, wine tasting and shopping covered. Sula Fest offers grape stomping, camping and other peripheral holiday recreation and relaxation options.

Puffecto, a brand of Multigrain Quinoa Puffs, produced and developed by The Green Snack Co was participating in the fest as an independent stall. Puffecto is a youthful, spirited and healthy snack brand that aspired to engage with its visitors at the stall in a zingy, zesty fashion. Because Sula Fest is a destination holiday with events and foods and beverages to keep the two days filled, it is an ideal setting for people clicking loads of pictures and sharing them on social media.GoKapture was therefore a natural fit into the scheme of things at the Puffecto stall. The client had a whole lot of huge props and hoardings scattered across the large farms which served as great backdrops for people to click pictures.

With over 2000 attendees, we achieved a commendable 400 hashtags for #Puffectoxsula. Besides a huge number of people taking pictures, there were plenty of games which the attendees participated in with great gusto, creating further opportunity for more photo ops.

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