Learn how Smaash created smashing UGC with live Social Wall


Smaaash Entertainments is a virtual reality sports entertainment destination that combines virtual-reality, sports, music and dining into a highly immersive and interactive recreation experience. It is usually subscribed to by a young populace who are looking for more than just a ‘dining out’ or ‘pubbing’ experience.

Besides the new age VR thrills, there are classic arcade games catering to people of all ages. Smaash Hyderabad wanted to involve its guests in unique ways to bring about a surge in its UGC for their New Year’s Eve. In a bid to make it really big and noticeable at all places around InOrbit mall, where Smaash is located, we used 10 giant size screens for live screening of the contests that were happening within.

The Social Wall was a great way to keep the guests involved with posting their pictures and urging their friends to likethem, in a bid to win the contest. With a young audience which was social media savvy, the contests helped create a great buzz online for Smaash.

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