1250 Video Content Generated for Jetpack at Wordcamp Asia 2023, 2022 with Green Screen Photo Booth

1250 Video Content Generated for Jetpack at Wordcamp Asia 2023, 2022 with Green Screen Photo Booth


Bonding over a dynamic exchange of ideas, good food and stunning views, the crowd at Wordcamp Asia 2023 was an effervescent lot. A three-day event, the Wordcamp flagship conference made its Asian debut in Bangkok, Thailand on February 17, and was conducted through the weekend.

As volunteer-led flagship events conducted across the globe for the exponentially expanding community of WordPress users, Wordcamps are a celebration of ideas. With usually a specially dedicated slot for active contributors to the community, such as programmers and designers, and then a conference and party, they are a wholesome gathering for pioneers in content creation. Wordcamp Asia chose as its debut the vivacious capital of Thailand, Bangkok, steeped in a mélange of local and global culture and home to incredible variety of people and diverse lifestyles.

Among the Siam sponsors was Jetpack, the behemoth creator of tools to aid and offer security and performance efficiency on WordPress. Jetpack is essentially a one-stop shop for all your blogging troubles and provides expert assistance to boost your growth on the platform. WooCommerce, one of the Silom sponsors of Wordcamp Asia, is a WordPress-based open-source e-commerce plugin that has revolutionized the game of online purchasing with its ease and accessibility.

The two chose to maximize their on-site presence with the help of GoKapture’s croma photo booth in Thailand. More commonly known as the Green Screen Photo Booth, it proved an excellent choice to enage with a host of attendees as Wordcamp Asia and amass active attention. In the allotted exhibition space at Wordcamp Asia, the croma photo booth rental for Jetpack was constantly buzzing with enthusiastic bids for participation and curiosity for more. The green screen photo booth is among the most popular candidates to involve the crowd at exhibitions and conventions along the principle of infotainment. The green screen is essentially a blank canvas to feature in your imagination and bring to reality a thoughtful combination of your understanding of what your audience seeks and what is pertinent to your business as a whole. Along with attractive layout options and brand logo placement features, the croma booth for exhibitions in Thailand is a sureshot way to drive the footfall your way for a unique experience.

Based in India, GoKapture is working tirelessly to bridge the gap between technological innovation and mainstream accessibility in its home country and abroad, particularly in South-East Asia, in the realm of experiential marketing and photo booths. For purposes of heightened brand visibility and sponsorship campaigns, our AR and VR rentals, Magazine Booth and Slingshot Activity provide opportunities to do something off the beaten track. You may also play it safe with the Strip Photo Booth, Bobblehead activity and the 360 Degree Spin Booth which can be tailored to suit your needs. Our particular expertise in trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and fests has won us immense gratification and client loyalty, through which we can evidently promise the smoothest experience as you take on the challenge of your next booth exhibit.

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