Hyping New Recruits for Microsoft Aspire 2023 in Hyderabad with Strip Photo Booth

Hyping New Recruits for Microsoft Aspire 2023 in Hyderabad with Strip Photo Booth

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At Microsoft India Development Centre’s Hyderabad campus, the month of February saw a heartwarming employees gathering to boost the staff’s morale and as a proverbial pat on the back as the financial year 2022-23 comes to a close and the Microsoft community begins afresh.

The occasion to be especially commemorated was Microsoft Aspire 2023, which is a globally recognized two-year experience catering to the all-round development of new recruits each year from diverse programs and education levels to help them shine in their professional capacity and bring their best to the table.

A nice treat of an addition to the event was the Strip Photo Booth that the organizers rented out from GoKapture to facilitate employee engagement and offer the attendees photo strips with their friends and colleagues to take away as keepsakes of another milestone at Microsoft. Warming up the new recruits to the ambience and work culture at Microsoft, the photo booth eased interactions and aided active involvement to headstart the people’s journey at the company.

The strip photo booth in Hyderabad worked its charm for the Microsoft family, inviting everyone to take a break from work, rejuvenate and replenish their team spirit. The strip booth is a classic at corporate settings, what with its effective customizing possibilities to cater to your branding vision and a super handy souvenir to remember the day by. Furthermore, the strip photo booth rental for office parties as well as private celebrations can be endlessly adjusted and made special with the addition of a host of props, a suitable backdrop, filters and more, all of which make it a pocket-friendly choice when wanting the best of a photo booth to combine several of your ideas. Let your guests hit the strip booth solo or in a team effort to get the best picture.

Whatever the scale of your event, GoKapture’s wide range of photo booths in Hyderabad and experiential marketing products promise to make it grand and give you memories worth a lifetime. Celebrate the spirit of your team in an intra-department get-together, plan your year over a company dinner or let a little loose on an annual day by reshaping your brand visibility with the help of the 360 degree spin booth or green screen photo booth. You may also choose to up the ante and gamify the occasion by opting for any of our VR games or AR rentals which promise its users a novel experience.

At GoKapture, we take our payment in contented smiles. Whatever the nature and size of your celebration, we are determined to present to you solutions within your budget to help you nail that year-end party, or get that office ice-breaker session right. Come take your pick from these photo booths and experiential marketing products for corporate events, exhibitions and BTL marketing:

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