Coca-Cola fosters its champion’s spirit at Partners’ Meet 2023 with Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Bareilly

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Counted among the handful of brands you can expect to be recognised in any corner if the world, be it by a kindergartener or a grandma enjoying retirement, Coca-Cola has a long and intriguing history of success in the realm of beverages. Seated at the throne in India too, Coca-Cola has set itself apart not only by its magnitude and pervasiveness but also its way of doing things. One of the prime instances of the brand ensuring longevity and cooperation is its Partners’ Meet that allows regional employees to come together and rejuvenate.

An annual corporate event conducted to energize its employees and to renew the team spirit that is integral to the success of any company, the 2023 Partners’ Meet was held at an executive club in Bareilly. The gathering was, in essence, a sporting event, with participants competing in different teams, each of whom was accorded a name and logo of its own. Coca-Cola’s running motto for this yearly festa is “Kar Har Maidan Fateh,” heralding even greater and varied success for the future and emphasizing the quintessential human factor that is the core of all progress. The organizers sought GoKapture’s Digital Caricature Photo Booth to aid promotions and play an integral part in carrying forward the respective team images.


The event was quite a challenge owing to the order coming to us pretty last moment, but the GoKapture team rose to the occasion commendably, arranging for the Digital Caricature Booth rental at the venue, along with the customized frames included in the package for the same, all in a matter of two days. The requirements of the event had the attending employees divided into various teams, twenty-two in total, and we made sure to deliver a different frame for each team’s digital caricature prints, comprising its logo.

The Digital Caricature Photo Booth is a tech innovation that provides a great, artistic alternative to regular photo booths and to exponentially more time and effort-consuming live caricatures for a larger audience. Coca-Cola mastered the art of gamifying its company Meet to ensure optimal zeal and an ideal ground for interaction and unwinding, and the Digital Caricature Booth in Bareilly helped it in its endeavour in the following key ways:

Above is an excellent case-in-point of what the Digital Caricature Booth can do for you. Its delightful mix of artistry, swiftness of the process and economicality are reasons enough why this can be your business’s choice of value interaction at the next event to register your presence boldly.

GoKapture is a leading India-based experiential tech and marketing hub that labours continuously to stay at the forefront of swiftly changing trends and technological innovation. Our VR rentals and AR games are other popular features at corporate settings that thrill the audience with the experience of technological novelty and innovation. The good old croma booth and the 360 spin booth have also placed themselves as crowd favourites in evoking excitement and providing creative branding solutions with rich customising options. Our Bobblehead Activity, Digital Mosaic and Hashtag Printer are among the most sought-after to accrue engagement in corporate events and for BTL marketing. With GoKapture, you stay with the trends.

Check out the quality of our Digital Caricature photo booth (Watch it in HD):

Gearing up for an upcoming corporate event? Perhaps an internal partners’ congregation or your annual gala for the employees to rejuvenate? Whatever the occasion, GoKapture offers an incredible range of experiential marketing and photo booth products to help you make the best of it:

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