Deloitte’s RAFiesta is an Absolute Delight with AI Photo Booth in Hyderabad and more

Deloitte RAFiesta Filmistan in Hyderabad

The stage was set at RAFiesta Hyderabad for a day of uninhibited fun and fimly glamour. On March 15, 2024, hundreds of colleagues and other professionals gathered at the bidding of Deloitte India at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre to bask in the wonderland that was this Filmistan.

Having established its reputation as one among the big four consulting firms in India, Deloitte is a widely echoing name among young professionals, brands and agencies alike. Its portfolio extends from audit and tax to risk advisory. The RAFiesta is a unique take on company celebrations by Deloitte India, meant to acknowledge and celebrate the regional film industry by gathering professionals from across disciplines under one roof. Deloitte India is known for its engaging and uplifting work environment, and the company has taken the lead in showing people how to cement brand reputation and hone work ethic with the right combination of work and play.

Having previously collaborated on the occasion of its Family Day 2023 at locations across the country, Deloitte revisited GoKapture to design its RAFiesta experience for its Hyderabad edition and trusted us with the immensity of the event. To do justice to its grandeur, we supplemented this Filmistan with a range of photobooths, equipped to capture every smile, every move and lend to it the allure of a cinematic scene.

An obvious choice in meeting the thematic requirements of the celebration was the AI Photo Booth in Hyderabad. The AI Photo Booth proved the quintessential element in the course of celebrations, appealing to one and all with its versatility and efficacy. GoKapture has made leaps in distributing the wonders of artificial intelligence to businesses, organizers and common people alike. Our AI Photo Booth software has proved a game-changer in the way events are designed, dispensing with the need for elaborate sets and cumbersome costumes. In just a few moments, the booth users saw themselves transform into Gangubai, Ranvijay, Siddharth and other iconic faces familiar to everyone from the silver screen.

AI Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture
AI Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture one
AI Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture two

Next up, we had the classic Strip Booth to amplify the retro-chic ambiance of the occasion. Users donned a host of props and posed endlessly at the Strip Photo Booth in Hyderabad, bonding, sharing laughter and indulging in the celebratory company spirit. Beyond the booth backdrop and setup, the layout and photojacket were also designed to embody the electric, glitzy vibes of larger-than-life Indian film industry. Every guest walked away with a gorgeous keepsake to cherish the day by and the booth was filled through the hours with cheers and love.

Strip Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture one
Strip Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture

A third addition to this array of popular booths was the Digital Caricature Booth. The Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Hyderabad distributed customised caricatures of the guests in minutes, lending a creative bent to the event photography experience that was bound to impress. These photobooths enabled the organizers to platform their attendees and give them due recognition, while enabling them to make the most of the moment with colleagues and friends.

Digital Caricature Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture
Digital Caricature Photo Booth for Deloitte RAFiesta by GoKapture one

To jazz it up some more, we opted to include the 360-degree spin booth in our setup. The 360 Video Booth is an absolute beloved at all types of events, from massive weddings to exhibition booths. It is the ideal photobooth to allow one to train the spotlight on every guest, capturing them own the moment and enjoy themselves. No surprise here then that the queue to register their own movie-like moment was formidable.

With this masterful selection of photo booths in Hyderabad, the RAFiesta attained the following objectives:

  • It secured itself a massive social media presence as the attendees’ satisfaction and joy reflected in their digital footprint, creating even greater brand exposure and a lasting event reverb.
  • It aided in the reinforcement of the company identity and in promoting a positive company culture that offreed a place to not only network for work but also strengthen interpersonal relations overall, boosting a sense of belonging.
  • Every guest left with a branded souvenir from the day, a personalized token of appreciation either in the form of prints or digital clips to hold close to their hearts.

Last, but certainly not the least, we treated the guests to an adventurous VR Gaming experience- the VR Roller Coaster! It was a fun-filled ride for both the participants and onlookers as the users tripped on their feet with barely-contained screams. This unbeatable gamification promoted relaxation and stress-relief among the associates and other attendees, contributing to their overall wellness and mental well-being and endearing Deloitte further into their hearts.

Check out the quality of our event engagement products (Watch it in HD):

The team at GoKapture truly understands that the essence of a company lies in its employees. It is indispensable to not only stoke motivation but also continually express appreciation towards them, be it through a company annual day or a Bring your family to work day, allowing them a chance to unwind and reconnect. AR Games or IoT-powered games for an immersive event gamification experience. Among our other show-stealers at company events are the Digital Slingshot and the Glambot, effortlessly blending entertainment with meaningful audience engagement to continue writing your story of success in golden ink.
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