Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Bangalore for Conference

APEX Halez Charms AOICON 2024 with Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Bangalore

AOICON 2024 in Bengaluru

The Annual National Conference of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI) saw a massive turnover in the silicon valley of India. From January 4 to 7, the temperatures might have been low, but the enthusiasm and commitment to the field was soaring at Clark’s Exotica Convention & Resorts, Bengaluru.

The Association of Otolaryngologists of India is the oldest professional association of ENT Surgeons of India, registered in 1948. AOICON 2024 was organized as the platinum jubilee celebration of the AOI, the largest and most varied to date, seeing participation from all around the country and beyond. Marking seventy five years of uncompromising service and innovation in the field, the AOI further cemented its poition at the helm with a host of workshops, panel discussions, round tables and keynote lectures meant to foster discussion and guide new entrants to the field. In line with the prestige of its journal, there were paper presentations and awards distributed for the care and dedication renowned names have offered to the field.

GoKapture has built a steady and proud association with APEX Halez, having previously collaborated with them during NAPCON 2023. A vertical of one of India’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, APEX Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Halez had been created with a specific emphasis on the respiratory portfolio, and has since worked closely with ENT specialists, pediatricians and general physicians. Besides pioneering in research and development, Halez has also been at the forefront of interacting with those on-field, educating, consulting and actively participating in the direction of the benefit of scholars, young doctors and care-receivers.

To shine the light on Halez’s booth anew and engage the motley crowd through the course of four days of activities, we set up a Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Bangalore that neatly captured the essence of the brand. A beloved among brands when it comes to crafting instant, customized takeaways from corporate events and academic gatherings, this photobooth in Bangalore proved immensely popular, apeealing to a much larger public and keeping Halez’s booth at the conference abuzz with visitors. As an added token of appreciation to the doctors in the field, we chose to customize the layout by not only including the brand elements, but also the names of the booth users on each photograph, cementing the moment in time as a precious memory for all.

Digital Caricature Photo Booth by GoKapture at AOICON 2024 one
Digital Caricature Photo Booth by GoKapture at AOICON 2024 two

Academic conferences continue to shape the contours of development across fields. From medical congregations such as AICOG or CRITICARE, guiding young doctors to cooking masterclasses for the savvy entrepreneur, participation in these guarantees unprecedented vsiibility and a direct connection with the audience you’re seeking. Come do it the right way with Gokapture.

GoKapture specializes in fulfilling your branding needs by assisting you in attracting a diverse audience and fostering connections with them through customized takeaways, exciting gameplays, innovative experiences, and joyful memories. Whether it’s treating guests to personalized mementos from our various photo booths or adorable Bobbleheads, or accompanying them on captivating adventures with our AR & VR games, we ensure that your conference has not even a moment of lull.

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