AI Photo Booth in Agra for Corporate Event

Bajaj Consumer Care Fuels ‘Jeet ka Junoon’ with AI Photo Booth in Agra

Bajaj Consumer Care Annual Sales Conference 2024 by GoKapture

The stakes were high and buzzing electric at Bajaj Consumer Care’s Annual Sales Conference in Agra this April. Held in the festive, alit city of Agra from April 11 to 13, the Annual Sales Conference 2024 was a roaring success.

Among the most lauded Indian FMCG companies, Bajaj Consumer Care is a name intimately known to three generations of Indians, through their incredible range of personal care products. With their commitment to innovation, quality, entrepreneurship and sustainability, the company boasts of an extensive portfolio of brands and success stories, having endeared itself into the hearts of its customers.

In this bid of stepping closer to their consumer base and strengthening connections with their associates, BCCL organized their third sales conference at the Taj Hotel and Convention Centre, Agra. For their 2024 edition of the sales conference, which was to be graced by the top leadership in the family, such as the Bajaj Group Chairman and Managing Director, BCCL approached GoKapture to help inject the audience with fervour as they renewed their vision and climb towards greater accomplishments.

The conference, intended chiefly for sharing knowledge and communicating important goals for the future, was designed around the theme of ‘Jeet ka Junoon’, indicating a thirst for victory that unites the Bajaj group associates all over. The motto situated itself as a military call, resonant among the members of 8 different teams, representing eight respective zones of participants at the event. Thus, the objectives of the conference, beyond business, were as follows:

  • Fostering wider collaboration among the attendees and strengthening the company spirit.
  • Reflecting the inspirational theme and endeavour in social media footprint and interpersonal interaction.
  • Spreading joy and camaraderie to enrich the work atmosphere and ethic.
  • Recognizing and appreciating talent and hardwork, emphasized through a special segment by the name of ‘Bajaj Got Talent’.

Following this agenda, the team at GoKapture created a robust conference experience for each attendee, allowing them to truly feel like a part of their team, compete in fun and enjoy the interludes between various sessions to the fullest. For the latter two days of the event, we crafted immersive photobooth and gamification routes of engagement to accommodate the large crowd and their booming enthusiasm. First and foremost was the Digital Caricature Photo Booth erected on April 11, coloured in the energizing layout reflecting the event theme and decor. This Photo Booth in Agra offered instant caricatures for the guests to takeaway from the conference, acting as a lighthearted entertainment source amidst the numerous panels and sessions. BCCL impressed upon the attendees its amicable and distinct brand image via these personalised souvenirs.

Digital Caricature Photo Booth for BCCL by GoKapture two
Digital Caricature Photo Booth for BCCL by GoKapture three
Digital Caricature Photo Booth for BCCL by GoKapture one

Finishing up with a bang on the last day of the conference, we set up our hit AI Photo Booth in Agra that was programmed to reflect the theme centering around military-like ambition and determination to conquer hurdles. Not only did GoKapture’s home-grown AI Photo Booth Software delivered impressive, highly realistic images of the booth users through face-swap technology, but it also provided a great degree of customization to make the moment uniquely their own. Every attendee had several choices of pictures and poses to choose from, and each picture was available in a version donning the logos of their respective team zones.

AI Photo Booth for BCCL by GoKapture
AI Photo Booth for BCCL by GoKapture two

Next up, keeping the guests roaring and stepping up with their best foot forward- quite literally- was our Spot Running Activity aka the Stepper. Customised for two players at a time as requested by the client, this Internet-of-Things based activity is an excellent way of event gamification that emphasized BCCL’s brand identity as dynamic and readily adapting to the fast-changing world. Besides its entertainment value in allowing steady enthusiasm to course through the event venue, this interactive branded marketing game, along with the AI Photo Booth, renewed BCCL’s commitment to its family of employees and the customers it serves.

Check out the quality of our Stepper Activity (Watch it in HD):

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