Whisper Wows it Audience with the Digital Slingshot and Selfie Photo Booth in Mumbai

The dipping temperatures elsewhere could only mean turning up with double the enthusiasm for Whisper’s semi-formal gathering at IIT Bombay, Powai to celebrate womanhood and spread awareness. With the joint initiatives of the brand, the students and faculty at the rpized institution, a three-day event was organized on campus.

A significant name in the realm of women’s hygiene products, Whisper has made its presence felt in every household. A wing of the US-based multinational corporation Procter & Gamble, Whisper India has not only established itself as a leading intimate care brand in the subcontinent, but also made progress in leaps and bounds in educating the public about female health and hygiene and driving some important conversations.

In December 2023, another such opportunity prseented itself when IIT Bombay invited and accommodated the brand to communicate with its students and spark some meaningful discussion around relevant issues relating to women’s health. For Whisper, this was an invaluable chance to reconnect with its chief, young audience that also forms the core of its consumer group. Thus, while brand promotions were key, it was also equally integral to establish contact in a fun and relatable manner that would leave the stage open for engagement.

When the client approached GoKapture with this agenda, we decided to work with a mix of the old and the new- combining the fabulous and trustworthy Selfie Booth in Mumbai with a Digital Slingshot activity. This choice was made keeping in mind the guests at the event, where the vibrant photobooth setup would allow for the youth to flaunt their colours, while the Slingshot activity would be a noteworthy tech upgrade on the feedback collection process to encourage participation.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-18 at 01.07.17
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-17 at 23.01.26

As is evident from these glimpses, our Selfie Booth was a colossal hit on both the days, December 19 and 21. The success of the selfie booth extended beyond the event itself, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees. Thanks to the photobooth in Mumbai, the people left the event not only with tangible memories captured in selfies but also with a positive perception of the organiizng brand as a forward-thinking and dynamic entity within the industry that is making conscious efforts to keep itself updated and connected to its target audience.

Additionally, our Digital Slingshot in Mumbai functioned as an appropriate interlude between the opening and culmination of the event, i.e., on December 20. This interactive display prompted the attendees to come forth and leave their messages to be displayed on the screen along with their names and selfies. Consequently, the digital wall served as a multimedia showcase of the feedback and experience highlights of the people, working as a real-time compilation of the occasion and evoking curiosity for even the most casual onlookers and bypassers.

Check out the quality of our Selfie Photo Booth (Watch it in HD):

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