LinkedIn India Associates Spell Out Workplace Fun with the Bobblehead Photo Booth in Bangalore

LinkedIn has cemented itself as a vital networking tool in the professional lives of the 21st century. It is a booming social media platform that has made major ripples in the Indian market and corporate communities.

On January 7, Indian LinkedIn associates gathered at Nandi Hills, Bengaluru for a semi-formal celebration to rejuvenate and celebrate the company’s growth. The company is known for its workplace ethic that incorporates fun and engaged learning into its everyday routines to dispel the monotony, keep the employees amped up and energetic and open to idea generation.

Previously, our team had also served LinkedIn India with a VR Boxing setup at their Bengaluru office for effective workspace gamification. Thus, the client trusted us completely to take forward this task and provide another immersive, engaging experience for all the attendees, worthy of the brand name and image. This time, we decided to go ahead with a fun twist to the photobooth in Bangalore- the Bobblehead Photo Booth. A unique mix of DIY-ish group activity that brings people together and a refurbished photobooth, Bobblehead-making is rapidly becoming a favourite corporate engagement activity in India.

Check out the quality of our Bobblehead Activity (Watch it in HD):

GoKapture provided the Bobblehead Photo Booth in Bangalore, along with a cameraman and two high quality printers to ensure the booth’s running without a hitch, and aided this LinkedIn gathering in the following manner:

  • Tying engagement with entertainment: Bobbleheads are quirky little miniatures that are a super-fun take on the regular photobooth for corporate events. Guests not only get to enjoy clicking pictures the ordinary way but also involve themselves more actively in the gathering by making an army of adorable nodders.
  • Promoting teamwork: In all, the day’s proceedings culminated in amassing around 600 Bobbleheads for LinkedIn, each a testament of the company’s reach and the participants’ enthusiasm.
  • Creating souvenirs for the event: Rest assured, this booth also serves to create Bobblehead standees that are giftable- each one with the guest’s photo pinned to it can be taken home by them to keep the day in their hearts and minds for longer.
  • Establishing the tone of the occasion: The Bobblehead activity is great to spread some cheer, and transition from a corporate setup to a relaxed, semi-formal ambiance. From weddings to conferences, the Bobblehead booth is a hit at every occasion.
  • Synthesizing brand value: Each little Bobblehead was branded with the company logo and the occasion’s signature elements, speaking out for itself. Thus, every one of the 600 Bobbles created during these few hours on January 7 serve to shape positive brand recall.

At GoKapture, we believe in creating experiences for companies and brands that are a testament of their people-centered approach. Whether yours is a multinational behemoth or a home-gorwn business, we guarantee to help you connect with your respective audiences and consumer groups in meaningful ways. Fuel your colleagues and business associates with fun event gamification in the form of IoT-based Spot Running activity or Virtual Reality games that every celebration calls for a special touch to make its place in the hearts of people. Set up a live Event Engage Hub that will have the party revolving around it, capturing multimedia responses from the invitees and showcasing them on customized screens.

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