TATA AIG Celebrates Rising Champions 2023 with Underwater-themed AI Photo Booth in Mumbai


It was a most magical day for the TATA AIG family gathered at its Mumbai office for another edition of Rising Champions, an annual gala of the company to celebrate its best and brightest. On November 24, associates from all over the country came together in the always electrically buzzing film city for this cultural bonanza cum awards night.

TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a prominent insurance provider in India, a joint venture between Tata Group, which is among the country’s most prominent business conglomerates, and the US-based financial service organization American International Group. Since its inception in 2001, the company has steadily expanded its portfolio to become a major provider of insurance products and services to individuals and businesses in India.

The Rising Campions 2023 gathering was a chance for the employees to connect with the leadership at every step of the company’s organisational structure, to understand the best practices that define TATA AIG, and to strengthen the brand name of Tata and its service branches. This gala is organized in the form of a cultural festival that showcases the breadth of diversity in India and honours the committed and passionate members of TATA AIG for their contribution to growth. It is a flourishing tapestry of dreams, hopes, ambition and dedication of thousands of people working as a collective, an efficient organism answering to the country’s needs.

Seeing to the edutainment principle of this festive occasion, the organizers reached the GoKapture team to make arrangements for quality engagement for the ceremony. Assessing the scale and enormity of the event, we planned to captivate the crowd through three diverse means of entertainment, creating different interactive activities to choose from. The star of the event, no doubt, was the AI Photo Booth in Mumbai, that garnered tremendous success with its intuitive and attractive display and functioning. Keeping in mind the chief purpose of the gala, we imagined the Rising Champions as deep sea divers, daring to go to greater depths of the ocean to explore anew and unlock new achievements. Thus came into existence our underwater-themed AI Photobooth, tailored for this TATA AIG fiesta.

AI Photobooth by GoKapture for TATA AIG
AI Photobooth in Mumbai by GoKapture
Underwater themed AI Photobooth by GoKapture for TATA AIG Rising Champions 2023

GoKapture’s AI Photo Booth software is designed for the imaginative, for the dreamer in each one of you. With this photo booth, you and your guests can hop on an adventure together, explore places and bring to life grand visions. The Rising Champions of 2023, along with other attendees, had tremendous fun with this themed photobooth and overall, the orgabizers were able to realize the following goals:

  • Customized content:The AI Booth curates a personalized experience for every one of its users. With numerous add ons, facial recognition and other tech innovations, it helps the guests create unique user-generated content (UGC) that is held closer by both the attendees as well as the brand. Hundreds of TATA AIG associates responded to the booth and their joy resonated throughout. 
  • Branded takeaways: Rising Champions 2023 might have been a one-day affair, but it was cemented in the minds and hearts of all those who participated in it in any capacity in more ways than one. The AI Photobooth by GoKapture produced instant copies of the captured snaps, adorning them with a custom layout and adequately placed brand elements to heighten the event visibility and extend connections to the brand.
  • Networking and community-building: The booth became a hotspot of activity through the course of the event, sparking conversations and bringing people together. Through it, event photography was transformed into a fun and creative activity that sent guests off with branded souvenirs and inspired a community feeling.

Check out the quality of our AI Photo Booth (Watch it in HD):

Another prime attraction at the venue was our custom event wall, known particularly as the Floating Message Wall. As the name suggests, this interactive display engages the attendees in a special activity that creates memories and brings the brand in a renewed focus. This display wall is a highly visible, decorative and adaptable piece of event technology that prompts the visitors to share their messages, feedback, etc. through the web application, which are then displayed on the giant screen. The TATA AIG Rising Champions theme was nicely extended through its presence, with the input text looking like messages floating underwater.

Check out the quality of our Floating Message Wall (Watch it in HD):

Lastly, our immensely popular 360 Degree Spin Booth in Mumbai also made its presence felt. The 360 Video Booth is the perfect blend of fun and glamour that can instantly level up any corporate event. Allowing the guests to take this mini stage and shower them with the spotlight while they flaunt their moves, this is clearly among the most adored photobooths in Mumbai. The booth served to entertain, engage and enhance the ambiance at the TATA AIG gala, popping out numerous Instagrammable moments and increasing its shareability.

Gearing for an upcoming annual day at your company? Perhaps you would like for an uncontested hit, like the VR Boxing game installed at the LinkedIn office in Bengaluru. Or, how about an entire game zone to invigorate the crowd, like Ingram did in Mumbai? Seeing is believing, and trust that the GoKapture team has amassed the expertise and trust of serving corporate, semi-formal gatherings in India and abroad. Be it Microsoft’s Bring Your Family to Work Day or the company day celebrations of Deloitte and ADP India, we help you create unforgettable experiences.

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