The MGT Customer Meet 2023 Strikes Success with Sketch Photo Booth in Bangalore

Celebrating its fifty illustrious years of ‘Precision and Performance’, on December 6, 2023, MGT held its milestone Customer Meet at Taj Yashwantpur, Bangalore.

A chief arm of the Ace Micromatic group, MGT or Micromatic Grinding (Technlogies Ltd.) refers to a leading heavy machinery manufacturing hub focussed on grinding, spanning several key industries and clienteles. Ace Micromatic is a pioneer of machine-related technology, services and sales and has steadily built itself into a trusted beacon of expertise and quality assurance.

Its annual Customer Meet serves to unite leaders, experts, investors and other interested parties from various industries that seek to employ their products and services. This gathering is an exercise in trust, complete with industry briefing, future plans, ongoing developments and some relaxed social mixing to strengthen the connections across business tie ups. Thus, when MGT contacted GoKapture to provide tech support for the event in the form of a photobooth rental, we decided to exercise our event tech prowess to create a thoroughly engaging experience for the attendees with an utmost professional look. Our Sketch Photo Booth, along with a customised display screen worked by combining the fun-filled atmosphere of event photography with placing every booth user front and centre, expressing gratitude for their presence.

Sketch Photo Booth in Bangalore for Corporate Event

The Sketch Photo Booth in Bangalore not only delivered branded takeaways as key memories of the annual meet, but also automated social sharing by providing instant soft copies of the pictures in people’s inboxes. What’s more, the combined setup also functioned to collate a database of the attendees’ key information, thus aiding lead generation and other significant post-event analytics.

Check out the quality of our Sketch Photo Booth (Watch it in HD):

To sum up, the Sketch Photo Booth rental made the following key contributions to the consumer meet:

  • Audience engagement: The booth was a catalyst for interaction among the audience and the brand. It added an element of cheer, made the day even more memorable and assisted positive event recall.
  • Brand visibility: In the form of branded photograph experience and a real-time display, there was an increased brand exposure that certainly situated MGT in the hearts of the onlookers.
  • Social sharability: The photo booth heightened the event’s social media reach, generating stunningly customized photos placed in duly branded jackets, allowing the guests to interact with MGT digitally.
  • Event keepsakes: Besides instantly availed soft copies, each uniquely created sketch photograph was put into branded frames to be gifted to the booth users, extending the brand’s presence beyond the event venue and time.
  • Data collection: The photo booth in Bangalore became a tool for data collection, allowing the organizers to gain valuable insights into attendee demographics and preferences. Not only was this data key to assessing the booth’s immediate impact, but also facilitated informed decision-making for future events.

With GoKapture, you can create dynamic and engaging experiences of your annual company gatherings, Family Day celebrations, product launches, conferences and corporate luncheons. Add that oomph that not only highlights your adaptability and people-focused approach, but also helps you build an easy, cheerful ambiance for the invitees to truly enjoy themselves. Try event gamification with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality games or soak them up in a Digital Quiz. amp up your event desig with interactive displays and web applications such as the Event Engage Hub and AR Mind Reader.

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