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Häfele Celebrates its First 100 Years with GoKapture as its Event Tech Partner in Bangalore

December 2023 was a glorious moment for HAFELE, as the company geared up for its centennial celebrations in its Bangalore offices. On December 1, marking a complete hundred years of its existence, over 900 employees, associates and other prominent industry leaders gathered on this joyous occasion, marking a global milestone.

Häfele is a world-renowned brand in the area of furniture and living solutions, established as a hardware and tool store in Württemberg on December 1, 1923 by Adolf Häfele and Hermann Funk. since then, it has grown into a behemoth supplier and industry trendsetter, manufacturing filltings, flooring, lighting and design tools. From digital security and appliances to design showrooms and virtual tours, Häfele has created a trademark experience in designing lived spaces round the globe.

Häfele India, headquartered in Mumbai, requested GoKapture to act as the chief event tech partners for the first hundred years’ celebrations. The challenge was to create an immersive experience for all associates psreent at the venue, whether board members or temporary partners, such that it spoke of the company’s global presence, universal appeal and future ambition. Weaving our event design around the occasion’s theme of ‘Maximising the value of space. Together’, the team at GoKapture decided to work with the choicest selection of its most popular offerings, delivering a thoroughly engaging, fun and memorable experience for all.

Among our six products set up for the event, an obvious highlight was the Digital Mosaic in Bangalore. This QR code-based photo mosaic wall was programmed into a grid that could handle pictures of 800 people at once. With a simple prompt of ‘Scan, Upload, Shine!’ the attendees flocked around to register their presence at the event in a unique manner- contributing their selfies to the Digital Mosaic wall and watching them go up on the screen- a testament of the community that builds Häfele as a brand.

Häfele Celebrates its First 100 Years with GoKapture

Next up, we made sure that the guests had a delightful time with some Internet of Things-powered event gamification, namely Spot Running activity and Catch the Baton. two setups of each game were placed for individual and team play, amassing grand cheer and excitement and truly acting as a beacon of joy that crystallized at the milestone celebrations. These interactive games were a great lubricant for social interaction, sparking both a competitive spirit as well as teamwork.

Moving on to the bits that were the life of the party, and ensured that the event had a relaxed and fun, semi-formal vibe, we set up an interactive display and photobooths in Bangalore. Our AR Mind Reader, since its inception, has quickly climbed the most-in-demand chart and is a radiant presence at internal company events and conferences. The AR Mind Reader for Häfele was an Augmented Reality-powered interactive screen that served as an interlude,

Revolutionizing the event photography were our Glambot and 360-Degree Spin Booth. While the Glambot Photo Booth in Bangalore did its bit into elevating the occasion into nothing short of a red carpet-worthy event, the 360 Selfie Booth is a widely-adored element of fun across corporate and social events. Together, these two video booths created a stunning montage of the day, capturing people, their happiness and enthsuaism in motion.

Check out the quality of our Digital Mosaic and other stars of the Häfele celebration (Watch it in HD):

To round up, here are the distinct ways GoKapture’s event tech support refined Häfele’s centennial celebrations:

  • Quality engagement: The photobooths and gamified activities involved the participants in ways that would leave a lasting impression. While providing entertainment through the course of the day, the setup also provided for avenues evoking curiosity and motivating active presence.
  • Digital amplification: An attractive and eclectic event experience such as this one naturally encouraged the guests to take to social media to interact with Häfele, along with boosting the digital impressions of the occasion by sharing their unique photo booth, gaming and interactive Mind Reader experiences.
  • Creative brand exposure: Though Häfele is indubitably a familiar name in the furnishing industry, the event designed thus helped the brand shine in a new light. The trendsetter that it is, the brand could communicate with its associates in innovative ways and strengthen affective ties, drawing admiration and greater trust.
  • Branded mementos: The two videobooths presented noteworthy customization possibilities, allowing for the incorporation of the company logo, slogan and specific hashtags into each of the captured clips, which were instantly emailed to the booth users.
  • Interactive marketing: By integrating various interactive elements into the event, we achieved the goal of presenting the brand’s experimental, innovative and creative facets. The event tech enhancements highlighted Häfele’s own understanding of contemporary trends and its readiness to
  • Community building and networking: The games and video booths helped break the ice among those present, catering to a relaxed and casal environment for interpersonal connections. Additionally, the Digital Mosaic, completed in real-time, one selfie at a time, evoked a community feeling, fortifying Häfele’s company spirit and acting as a tangible memento of the 100 years celebration, underscoring every individual contribution in the growth of this multinational business.

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