Pre-Wedding Fiesta in Lonavala Charms Guests with Magic Mirror Photo Booth and More

Pre-Wedding Fiesta in Lonavala Charms Guests with Magic Mirror Photo Booth and More


Indian weddings are a festival in their own right, each with a nearly week-long celebration that is as magical as it is entertaining in its variety. At Della Resort, Lonavala, we saw the pre-wedding events begin with a bang, coloured unique in a personalized take on the prelude to the big day for the marrying couple.

The three-day festivities at the resort received their finishing touch with three of GoKapture’s hottest in-demand photo booths for weddings- the 360 degree spin booth, the magic mirror booth, and the strip photo booth.

The welcome dinner on the evening of February 20 was a glamorous affair with the immensely popular 360 degree video booth in Lonavala as friends and family of the stars of the night found themselves grooving to quite a different beat at the 360 spin booth. Among the incredible variety of video and photo booths in Mumbai and around that have elevated the wedding scene in India, the 360 degree spin booth indubitably takes the cake when you need a showstopper element to jazz up the occasion. As high glam as this video booth is, it is equally potent in adding spice to a rustic, low-key celebration and making sure that your attendees have a blast under the limelight.

Watch the 360 degree spin booth in Lonavala in HD on YouTube:

The following evening, the grand sangeet celebration took things up a notch with the help of the magic mirror photo booth in Lonavala, which is a fancy take on the traditional selfie booth that adds to the ambiance of a regal event or a fairytale-themed gathering with its very physical presence. The interactive magic mirror booth is a great way to entertain the guests, and works particularly well in organizing the photo booth around a special theme, blending in seamlessly with the decor and lending a quaint charm to the venue.

The culminating event on February 22 was a picnic, with the guests basking in the daylight. The perfect partner for this creative, leisurly gathering was the strip photo booth rental, complete with a scrapbook to safeguard the memories of the day in a heart-touching compilation with words of congratulations from the guests. While the strip photo booth in Lonavala is now a familiar site at both corporate events and private functions, GoKapture has designed its package with various possibilities in mind so that not only can each of the booth’s users can take away souvenirs to remember the day by but also to enable the organizers to retain their own special copy to cherish. The scrapbook is the perfect addition to the strip booth, allowing for a joint team effort that is both fun and engaging and leaves you with a uniquely personalized album to look back to.

Across the wedding celebrations, GoKapture’s dedicated team provided timely and proper execution to ensure that the guests had the most fun and were able to capture the delights of a grand Della Resort pre-wedding celebration through our widely adored photobooths for weddings.

GoKapture is determined to revolutionize the photo booth game in India, prizing ease of access and a solution-based approach to both formal and informal events. With GoKapture’s eclectic experience, rest assured to do weddings right. Whether it is by making use of our free wedding hashtag generator or hyping the crowd in person with the hashtag printer, we walk with you every step of the way. Explore our wedding backdrop ideas or create your very own that also suffices as a stand-alone decorative piece with the help of the physical mosaic to spruce up your regular wedding portrait. At GoKapture, we believe in communicating your ideas to the world.

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