Marketing Event Ideas For Colleges

College events can be a huge success but that’s not the case with all college events, is it? The differentiating factor between a successful and a not-so-successful college event is just the way you market your event. If an event or fest committee can successfully create a hype amongst their target audience it is certain their crowd management team will have a hell of a time. So we have gone ahead and noted the freshest and most innovative marketing event ideas for colleges. Make sure all of your events have a “Social Share” factor. Creating a hype on social media should be one of the easiest yet most effective methods a college fest or event can be publicized to students.

Different Marketing Event Ideas For Colleges:

    1. Cross-platform marketing:

      Utilising the social media followers of your sponsors is of utmost importance. Make sure you pursue your sponsors to publicize your event on their social media platforms. Getting the eyeballs of their audience helps you generate more traffic to your event resulting in a higher number of attendees. Amity University had done a great job by engaging the attendies at their marathon event with the help of Hashtag Printer
    2. Create an event from college’s official facebook page:

      Use the maximum potential of Facebook events. You don’t have to just create and display the events to your existing followers, select the right target audience, set a minimalistic budget and watch the magic happen. This will make sure your entries are flooded.
    3. Paid social advertising on social media channels:

      With Facebook and Instagram capping your reach all the time, it is impossible to survive without paid advertisements. Padi advertisements takes you to the right audience of your college event. Allocate a certain budget to help you enhance your reach. After all the more eyeballs you receive the more results you get.
    4. Payment checkout optimization:

      If you are planning to have a ticketed college event make sure you help your audience with a flawless payment process. There are many third-party payment gateways which provide their services at minimalistic costs like events high, bookmyshow etc.

HashTag Printing:

Incentivise shares on social media with a simple yet effective product known as the HashTag Printer, Using the Hashtag printer all the users have to do is upload the picture with a designated hashtag and Voila! The printer delivers an instant physical printout for the user which acts as a keepsake or a memoir the user can keep forever. To know more about this product click here.

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