9 Successful Hashtag Campaigns or Social Media Campaigns


Hashtag Campaigns are the brands intiative to achieve their goal through social media. Oranizations use the Hashtag Campaigns to promote their product, to increase reach on social media ( Facbook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), or to create engagement.

Creating Hashtag Camaigns have now become an integral part of any brand’s marketing strategy to the extent that they are not just propelling social media campaigns , but driving the entire marketing campaign altogether.

9 Best Hashtag Campaigns of all time:

Here are the best hashtag campaigns that had got lot attention and reach in the market

  1. #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola
  2. #MyCalvins by Calvin Klein
  3. Audi’s #WantAnR8 Campaign
  4. Kellog’s #GreenStarts Hashtag Campaign
  5. Heineken’s #OpenYourWorld Hashtag Campaign
  6. Visa’s #TeamVisa Hashtag campaign
  7. Twitter’s #BrandBowl Campaign
  8. Adidas #Originalis  Campaign
  9. #WorthSaying by Loreal

#ShareACoke by Coca-Cola

This was all about personalized Coca-Cola bottles which had names stamped on them. The world made a beeline for finding their bottle namesake that they could share with friends and family.

The hashtag campaign drove a huge number of sales but what’s more exciting is the social media frenzy that this campaign generated.

There were millions of social media posts from buyers who were eager to share pictures of bottles that were tagged with their names or the names of their friends.

Results of “Share A Coke Campaign”

It is a free source of content.

The ratio to Young to adult consumption of Coca-Cola was up by 7 percent. This Hashtag Campaign earned around 18.3 Lakh media impressions. Website and Facebook saw traffic increased by 870% and Coke has grew it’s fan base in facebook by 39 percent.
Around 76,000 virtual cokes were shared online. A total of 3,78,000 cans were printed. The campaign has created a positive image of Coca-Cola as a brand

What made this campaign buzz?

Any campaign which reaches out to its audience with a personal touch is bound to succeed. With names stamped on, the brand became as personalized as it gets, creating a sense of community around the brand. With the word “Share” integrated into the hashtag campaign, more and more people were prompted to share their experience

#MyCalvins by Calvin Klein

This is one of the most successful hashtag campaign or a successful Social Media Campaign , #MyCalvins was a roaring success on social media even when there was no incentive promised to consumers for sharing their pictures.This hashtag campaign was about users posting pictures in Calvin Klein undergarments with the hashtag #MyCalvins.

Users submitted their photos on #MyCalvins gallery and within four months, the interactions went as high as 4.5 million in 4 months with celebrity, influencer and brand-posted content.

Results of Calvin Klein Campaign:

Since the Launch it’s Facebook following gone up by 2.2 million,Instagram by 1.8 million and Twitter by 1 million. The campaign has became huge success by surpassing 469 million fans and got 23.5 million fan interactions.

What made this campaign a hit?

The most unusual thing about this campaign was the absence of an incentive. There were no freebies promised in return for posting content.
Brands usually have some sort of a giveaway for consumers so that they are motivated to post pics of themselves but despite the absence of a prize this campaign made it on its own generating tremendous engagement with its hashtag.

Audi’s #WantAnR8 campaign

Still viewed at as one of the single most successful Twitter Hashtag Campaigns, it started with a Twitter user who tweeted that she’d love to ride an Audi R8. Audi didn’t just give her the chance to ride the R8 but went a step ahead, and asked users on social media to post their reason (with the hashtag) for wanting an R8.

And there was a prize attached – win an R8 for a day. The campaign was a runaway success with the hashtag being used 75,000 times.


How did it strike the pulse of the audience?

Audi made two human connects here – one, they listened to their audience and two they gave a human angle to their luxury brand. One fan’s tweet fuelled an entire hashtag campaign.

Kellogg’s #GreatStarts – A Successful Hashtag Campaign

Kellogg’s #GreatStarts is one of the most brilliant hashtag campaigns we’ve seen. Kellogg’s appealed to the ‘Breakfast is most important’ sentiment and started a 100-day countdown to the Olympics with its #GreatStarts campaign, asking users to share their morning ritual. The UGC competition in which people were encouraged to share their great starts had a formidable prize – a chance to win a trip to Rio to see the Olympic Games.
The campaign gained huge traction and apart from regular people, there were some renowned celebrities who became part of the campaign.

What worked for the campaign

The 100-day countdown added a sense of urgency to the participation. That apart, Kelloggs recreated iconic Hollywood wake up scenes and gave away some splendid prizes which kept the traction alive that made this campaign stand among the best hashtag campaigns till date.

Heineken’s #OpenYourWorld

Beer giant Heineken, brought together strangers with varied viewpoints to have them discuss their differences over a beer.
There were pairs who participated in team building activities before revealing their opposing views, discussing them over a bottle of Heineken. The video received 3
million views in one week and 50,000 shares right in the first month with its hashtag #OpenYourWorld.

What made the campaign click?

The campaign opened up discussions at a time when people were really responsive and ready to have sensitive topics discussed.
The focus was not on “selling” and products, but on values and beliefs – the real emotional driver behind sale. So it happened to strike the right chord with people.

Visa’s #TeamVisa Campaign

Visa got all 54 members of the company’s Olympic and Paralympic endorsement roster to pull together a global campaign ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.
The athletes launched the creative through their personal social media channels—and their followers got a sneak peek at behind-the-scenes preparation, propelling further shares.

The human angle that worked

There was a refreshingly direct and forthright approach that the campaign adopted. The athletes were depicted in an organic, uplifting way and not portrayed as over-the-top superheroes.

Twitter’s #BrandBowl Campaign

With experts suggesting that Twitter isn’t seeing as much growth as its competitors, Twitter started its own hashtag campaign at the beginning of 2018.
The #BrandBowl which later became a Successful Hashtag Campaign was timed perfectly alongside the Super Bowl, one of the most talked-about events on social media. A social contest was designed to award companies for the highest number of tweets, the highest tweet per minute score, the most retweets, among other such contests.

What was engaging about the campaign?

The excitement of the social media contest coupled with the appeal of an engaging trend, made this campaign tick. #BrandBowl ensured that everyone was chatting on Twitter about the mega sporting event of the year.

#Originalis from Adidas

The campaign strengthened Adidas’ position as a fashion icon and thought leader as it ended 2017 on a highly successful note.
The campaign, asking people to rethink on what it takes to be unique, was built around the new Adidas Originals line. Adidas partnered with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop world, including Stormzy, Snoop Dogg and ASAP Ferg to promote their new lineup.

What made this campaign so effective

The campaign made a targeted appeal to its fans and that’s what made it so effective.
Influencer marketing also had a huge impact as the company partnered with the most famous names in the hip hop environment.

<4>L’Oreal’s #WorthSaying campaign

Launched ahead of the Golden Globes Awards in 2016, the campaign involved celebrity brand ambassadors promoting the campaign on their social media channels.
The company wanted to go “beyond beauty” by encouraging women, whether they were celebrities or not, to share something they truly believed was worth saying.

What clicked for this campaign?

The fact that this campaign went beyond the pure aesthetics of beauty and realized the importance of powerful words of women everywhere, made a huge dent on the imagination of the target audience. The conversations reached, affected and inspired as many other women as those who posted these words.

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