Learn how did FHD’s internal branding event helped their employees to know their colleagues more closely


Harnessing User Generated Content for Effective Employee Engagement:

FHD, one of the India’s largest Architecture and Interior Design company organized a conference for training its employees on Brand Championship. The conference was referred to as ‘DASH 2017’ and was attended by more than 350 people. GoKapture Innovations took up the responsibility of engaging the employees and their family members by fostering a conducive interactive environment.

Employee engagement activity organized by GoKapture Innovations for FHD produced following results:


  1. Employees not only took home branded souvenir in the form of printed photos but also made great bonds with their colleagues whom they had never met before.
  2. Alongwith 30,000 mentions on all the Social Media platforms, more than 500 photos were tagged and uploaded.
  3. The User Generated Content garnered more than 100 likes for FHD for an employee bond that will help brand attain effective peer to peer communication.
  4. The Live – Photobooth turned out to be an Icebreaker for more than 350 people present at the conference and later resulted in making connections on Social Media.
  5. The activity culminated with stronger bonds, better ideas and positive energy.

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