How we provided a unique solution for creating UGC for an indoor adventure destination


The Great Escape is an indoors destination for adventure, mystery solving games, and puzzles in Hyderabad. A novel concept, it involves live escape games where a group will be locked in a room. And they have a mystery to solve. They have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and get out with the exit key. Considering the fact that these games are held within the confines of a room, in a relatively dark environment, the photo opportunities are almost non-existent. And therefore generating UGC for the client was a challenge. In a bid to have participants upload their pictures with the #thegreatescapehyderabad, we put into motion an online contest wherein the customers had to upload their selfies with a quiz on Instagram before they went in for the games. If any of their followers or friends had put up an answer to their quiz, there was another free trip lined up as a prize for them. The clients used our services over a period of three months and noticed a remarkable improvement in engagements on their Instagram account. Of a total of 500 customers over this 300 period, we were able to generate 250 hashtags on social media for our client.

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