How to grab your customers attention.

Losing the attention of your customers is at times the differentiating factor between a conversion or not a conversion. It is crucial that you do not allow your customers mind to wander. Back in the days a study of 1990 concluded that the maximum attention span of a person on one particular product is not more than 12 minutes, however, this same study was conducted again in these recent years and the results were astounding! The overall average attention span of humans in today’s world has dropped to  just 4 minutes.

Now you must be wondering how is that possible? What made such a huge difference? Well we all have those shiny pieces of glass that reflect light we call phones to blame. Internet connectivity along with mobile phones has reduced our attention spans drastically. A research shows that we interact with our phones at least 2472 times. When was the last you survived a day happily without a phone? Can’t remember? Nor can I! This habit of mankind and the rising trend of reducing attention span of customers is a new challenge that new age marketers have to adapt to.

Few steps to increase your customer attention before they get distracted:>

  • Clarify your objective:It is important that you clarify your objective before you start speaking to your customers. Questions like what you want them to do? How will they go about doing it? A clear call to action (CTA) is very important otherwise your customers are left astra and are unable to understand your message entirely.
  • Display maximum confidence: If you as a person are not confident in your own product, how can you expect your prospects to be confident about it. Lower confidence makes your prospect doubt you and fails to build a positive image about your or whatever product or service you are offering
  • Ask questions: A dialogue is much more effective than a monologue. If you keep talking and fail to ask any questions there is a huge possibility that you customers will get bored in no time. Questions keep them interested as they don’t know when a question will strike them. So always remember Dialogue not a Monologue.
  • Display customer benefit: There is a very famous marketing acronym which will help you understand this with ease it is called WIIFM which stands for “What’s In It For Me”. Every person on this planet is selfish and every person is out there to look out for themselves. Make sure you notify your customer about the benefit they will receive with your product or service in the initial part of the conversation.

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