Glambot Photo Booth in Delhi for Corporate Event

Nagarro Jalsa 2024 Stuns with Glambot Photo Booth in Delhi and More

Nagarro Jalsa 2024

Nagarro’s annual gathering, Jalsa, returned in 2024 with mighty cheer. Held atYashobhoomi, formally known as the International Convention & Expo Centre in Dwarka, the largest convention centre in the whole of India on April 6, this corporate party of the year was lit with about 10,000 people in attendance!

Nagarro is an IT service and consultancy provider, boasting of a massive profile of digital engineers who work towards refining businesses to make them more future-ready and human-centric. What began as a startup in India in 1996, is now an MNC with its presence in 36 countries- one of the global leaders in incorporating AI, lending job security and creating a progressive work culture.

It is its proactive and responsive presence in the technical field, bolstered by numerous conferences and seminars, that sees an annual manifestation in Jalsa, which is attended by associates from all across the globe and is the epitome of its people-first, enthusiastic work ethic that goes on to shape the brand that is Nagarro. For Jalsa 2024, the organizers turned to GoKapture to help shine the light on the varied audience, the breathtaking show, and the heartwarming memories.

Pulling out all stops to capture the resplendence of the corporate gala of the year, we installed a glittering Glambot Photo Booth in Delhi. The booth, which looked like the inside of a disco ball, saw massive turnover as the attendees posed and played around with the Glambot camera, dancing to its beat. The Glambot Photo Booth lent a unique vibrancy and dynamism to the photobooth experience, exuding the lux vibes of a red carpet event.

Check out the quality of our Glambot Photo Booth in Delhi (Watch it in HD):

Next up, another fun element that captured the night was our GIF Photo Booth. While the booth itself was designed such that every shot resembled a magazine cover, the choice of this unique booth ensured that the users got more out of every click. Our GIF/Boomerang Booth is made for the social media-savvy generation, allowing guests to experiment with other exciting modes of media than just traditional photos.

GIF Photobooth by GoKapture fo Nagarro Jalsa 2024

Keeping it classic, we also installed the Strip Photo Booth for a doze of nostalgic flair. Duly branded and reflective of festive energy at its core, this photobooth is a darling of corporate gatherings, formal or informal. Customised photo strips are a great way to disburse the festive spirit of the occasion for every guest to cherish for years to come.

Photo Booth for Nagarro Jalsa 2024 by GoKapture

Taking on its role as a digital archive keeping the event abuzz with real-time updates, the Social Wall for Nagarro Jalsa 2024 put on display the hottest moments for all eyes to see. Motivating those in attendance to post using the event hashtags and mark their presence online, this Social Wall proved an excellent engagement tool that brought forward Nagarro as a brand with immense reach, a testament also to Jalsa’s own popularity. As a live event wall, it functioned as an archive, kept the crowd updated and heightened brand awareness.

Social Wall at Nagarro Jalsa 2024 by GoKapture

It’s not an overstatement to say that the 360 Video Booth is the quintessential party booth at both formal and social gatherings. Jazzing up exhibitions, conferences and comapny events alike, the 360-degree Spin Booth is an absolute delight that indulges the guests in their own moment under the spotlight. No doubt, the meandering queues spoke of the booth’s colossal attraction and its ability to blend in fun and glamour to capture truly dynamic shots that come alive with the booth users’ presence.
Check out the quality of our 360 Video Booth in Delhi (Watch it in HD):

In all, these interactive photoboths and event wall helped fulfill the following objectives of Nagarro Jalsa 2024:

  • Engaging event photography experience: Curating a lively, non-traditional photobooth experience allowed participation from every person in attendance, who flauted their best sides and readily interacted with the brand name of the host company in a variety of ways.
  • Amplified social reach: These uber-cool photobooths, along with the prominent Social Wall, no doubt, spurred on the audience to take to social media to register their attendance at the coolest, largest gathering in town. In this bid, they lent the event greater online visibility, using the event-specific hashtags and interacting with Nagarro’s social channels.
  • Custom branded takeaways: The booths installed at the venue variously generated prints and softcopies, each complete with personalised layouts and brand elements, making for precious souvenirs from Jalsa 2024 that the guests took home with them.
  • Entertainment for all: As the celebration saw people turning up from around the world and with varying job portfolios, these interactive and innovative photobooth setups made for a common ground for all, ensuring that every attendee found a booth to make the most of.
  • Networking in style: Adorning the ambiance of the occasion with the resonant cheer of the booth users, the photobooths were a hotspot for people to gather and communicate. Apart from capturing their best moments with friends and colleagues, the booths and the Social Wall also encouraged interpersonal communication.
  • Reinforced brand identity: Aiding longer event recall, every booth was imprinted with the essence of Nagarro and the festive spirit of Jalsa 2024.

Our photobooths in Delhi are a sureshot way to have your celebration leave an indelible mark on the attendees. Pave the way for greater interaction, gorgeous memories and heartfelt joy at your next company event, product launch or conference with GoKapture.

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