Fresenius Kabi Has Got All Eyes On It With Digital Mosaic in Delhi

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To wrap up another successful year and welcome in the holiday spirit, the Fresenius Kabi India office in Gurugram hosted a vibrant year-end gathering for its associates on December 18, 2023.

A leading name worldwide in healthcare services, Fresenius Kabi is originally a German company, specializing in life-saving medicines and technology. From dominating the pharmaceuticals market in the US with its expanse of prescription drugs to supplying a major chunk of dialysis machines, the company is committed to utilizing its products and services in assisting and improving the life quality of chronically-ill patients and caregivers alike.

Objectives: Fresenius Kabi India organised its corporate gala to commemorate a great year in growth and development, with the idea of acknowledging and appreciating its teams for their dedicated service, and for fueling them to conquer bigger hurdles. The primary purpose was to create an interactive event experience that would make everyone in attendance feel thoroughly involved and cared for, lighting up the company’s spirit and prseenting its united front for all to see. For this, the organizers entrusted GoKapture to enrich this wonderful day and transform it into an unforgettable memory for each one of the invitees.

Ideation: As a stunning memento to the company and the associates that make it, illustrating the richness of the growing family that made the year a remarkable success, we went big with our QR Code-based Digital Mosaic. This photo mosaic wall is not only a digital take on event photography, but also a great interactive team-building activity at company events.

Implementation: Our Digital Mosaic Wall was installed up on the stage, bolstered by twin panels on both sides, introducing other key elements of the company and forming a steady backdrop against which the show unfolded. The homegrown Diital Mosaic software that we use allows for easy adaptability and user-friendliness. A QR Code was put up on a banner, by simply scanning which the attendees could upload their selfies to our software. In order to provide a greater degree of freedom and mobility and enable swift input, it was decided that instead of a photographer taking every picture, each user had control on clicking their own picture as per their liking, and retrying until satisfied with the result.

Outcome: The event saw a massive gathering, with hundreds walking up to take a selfie and upload it to feature on the Digital Mosaic in Delhi. The wall lent a cohesive touch to the occasion, embodying the brand’s identity and setting the ambiance to enthusiastic and radiant. The resulting photo mosaic, featuring the company’s motto, flanked by crisp visuals of the various verticals of Fresenius Kabi indicating its vast portfolio on either side, was a resounding vision that gathered thunderous applause and refocussed the brand name in all its glory. Reaffirming the brand identity and presenting a rich and varied tapestry of what makes Fresenius Kabi, this digital Photo Mosaic was a story worth a million words.

At GoKapture, we believe in designing experiences that allow you to speak yourself- your story, your passions and your brand. Take a pick from our sprawling range of photobooths in Delhi to jazz up your next corporate gala and make the moment last!

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