Flipbook Photo Booth in Mumbai for Wedding

Flipping to the Fun-Side with Flipbook Photo Booth in Mumbai for Wedding

Flipbook Photo Booth in Mumbai for Wedding by GoKapture

A new forever was etched in the sands of time as this chic couple tied the knot in style at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. February is the month of love world-over, and a wedding taking place in the said month desrves to play out on the love.

Thus, the couple, Siddhi and Devansh, enlisted the services of GoKapture to design them custom interactive photo booth experiences that would truly cement their coming together in holy matrimony as an unbeatable memory in the minds and hearts of every guest. For a pre-Valentine wedding in the city of dreams, it was only natural that our team at GoKapture opted for classic, old school glamour to elevate the wedding photography experience. We chose two popular Wedding Photo Booths that would invoke traditional charm and nostalgia in their very make, and prove the perfect companion for the gathering together of family and friends across generations on this auspicious occasion.

On February 4, the wedding celebrations kickstarted with great pizzazz at hotel Grand Hyatt. For an early-evening pre-wedding celebration that was the mehendi in bejeweled tones, we installed out Flipbook Photo Booth at the venue. During the course of the party, numerous guests queued up with their partners and other family members to capture delightful snapshots in motion. This photobooth is an excellent choice for making the most out of every click, as it does not simply capture moments, but weaves them together to create a mesmerizing moving picture that is guaranteed to have the onlookers besotted. As a mark of great success at a private event, our Flipbook Photo Booth in Mumbai printed out a total of 100 kineographs.

Keeping with the old-school charm of this wedding bonanza, we treated the following evening of Sangeet and cocktail gala to the wonders of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth. The night of February 5, 2024 at Grand Hyatt was lit up in decadent disco colours. Our fabulous Photo Booth in Mumbai drew a host of attendees to savour the occasion and take back with them love-tinted souvenirs with ‘Siddhi Devansh Cam 06.02.2024’ imprinted in golden letters on each photograph delivered by the booth.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth for Mumbai Wedding by GoKapture one
Magic Mirror Photo Booth for Mumbai Wedding by GoKapture

Weddings are embedded deep into the tapestry of Indian culture. And the bigger, the better. At GoKapture, we are proud to lend our expertise into etching your most special moments in enduring colours on the fabric of time. Make the most out of wedding photography by including every attendee and gifting them their own beautiful memories with custom takeaways, such as these mini flipbooks or photo strips with our Strip Photo Booth that can also be paired with a scrapbook to cherish the sentiments and lovely messages of every guest offering their blessings to the newly weds.

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