Strip Photo Booth in Mumbai for Corporate Event

Bajaj Spreads Christmas Cheer with Strip Photo Booth in Mumbai

Strip Photo Booth for Bajaj by GoKapture

Dashing through the snow came in the holiday spirit to knock on the doors of Bajaj’s Mumbai office. Three days of unwinding and friendly cheer decked the place in vibrant greens and reds, getting ready to finish the year on a high note.

Bajaj Electricals is one of India’s most renowned names in the field, familiar to every household and the choice of experts and technicians all over. Rallying around the slogan ‘Built for Life’, the brand has been catering to a booming consumer base with its ‘high endurance’ and ‘low maintenance’ products, consistently delivering quality to the Indian middle class. From mixer grinders to fans,

In line with its catchphrase of promising companionship for life, the company oranised a holiday gathering from December 17 to 19, 2023 in Gymkhana, Mumbai. Recognizing the opportunity to create memorable moments and strengthen employee engagement, the organizers reached out to GoKapture for an appropriate Photo Booth in Mumbai to capture the festive spirit and spread joy among the attendees.

Our key objectives were to provide entertainment in the tone of the holiday season, provide a sense of coherence to the celebration and a spirit of oneness among the associates in attendance. As per the client’s request and the need for the hour, we opted to set up our classic Strip Photo Booth in Mumbai. The booth was decked in festive graphics to capture the cheer of Christmas, while also accommodating the company’s brand elements. It was enabled for fast, high quality printing to churn out customised photo strips to be gifted to the guests as souvenirs.

Strip Photo Booth for Bajaj by GoKapture
Strip Photo Booth for Bajaj by GoKapture two
Attendees were invited to step up to the booth and strike a pose with colleagues and friends, capturing the magic of the holiday season in numerous fun and candid snapshots. By deploying a customized Strip Photo Booth at the venue, we helped maximise employee engagement and keep the enthusiasm swinging through the celebration. Along with the client’s brand elements, a complete package of lush colours, themed props and backdrop came togetehr to reinforce Bajaj’s brand identity in a more amicable light, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the people. By leveraging the power of interactive experiences and creative marketing solutions, GoKapture helps create memorable and enjoyable events that leave a lasting impression on attendees and strengthen the company’s relationship with its employees and consumers. At company events, the right interactive pathways can greatly aid towards positive brand association and underscore your core values as a company that deems employees’ well-being and happiness just as much as customer satisfaction. Bolster your emotional connection with your associates with branded takeaways from the Digital Caricature Booth or Word Cloud Photo Booth, or lend them a thrilling, immersive experience of VR Boxing or AR Stash. Call us to book: 9963702557  8886666793

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