Cool promotional event ideas to increase footfall.

Event marketing and event management is a flooded niche. With massive amounts of hard-work which result in flawless shows, event companies also need to think of new methods which enable them to make their event stand out from the others.

Thousands of companies hold thousands of events every day, so the question often arises “How do I make my event stand out from the others?” As an event marketing specialist company we have noted the secret formula or event promotion ideas for increasing footfall at your events and would like to share it with you all.

Different ways to increase footfall for an event:

Use the Internet:

This sounds like an easy thing to do however it’s not! You will have to take a note of all event discovery websites, apps and platforms and upload your event on all of these. It is extremely essential to do this because there is no better way to reach your target audience than these platforms.

Create an image with event details to be circulated:

Do not shy away from creating an infographic which acts as an itinerary. Let it be one image of a small size so that it is easy to share the content amongst your target audience’s peers. This enables you to reach a lot more interested people through messengers like WhatsApp.

Kill it with Emails:

Email marketing is something most event companies miss out on and the only reason for that is, it does not appear to be flamboyant. Emails work like magic at times, it is cheap, easy to set-up and has an unbelievable success rate. You just have to make sure your target the right people and deliver the right message.

Invest in professional Photography and Videography:

Only professionals can make your event appear like an unforgettable one. They have spent years of their life trying to make things look good. Hence will charge you appropriately. (Note: If you are an event company, add this cost initially when you pitch to the client).

Give the coolest keepsake:

Are you planning to give a Mug or Keychain or a pen which no one cares about? Well, guess what? People are tired of these and have stopped appreciating such free keepsakes, I mean it’s the 21st century and people want something new! We offer our services of the Hashtag Printer. Make your clients advertise for you and give them the gift of a memory. To know more about click here.

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