Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Bilaspur for Wedding

Digital Caricature Photo Booth by GoKapture for wedding in Bilaspur

This Bilaspur Wedding is a Visual Treat with Digital Caricature Photo Booth and More

What is your idea of a perfect Indian fall wedding? Manisha and Tinu, a couple from Bilaspur, took the glitz and glam route all the way to offset the vivid hues of late autumn. To lend the perfect finish to the wedding of their dreams, the couple and their families approached GoKapture.

The nuptials were to comprise a three-day affair at the Patricians in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh and our team was tasked with providing adequate entertainment to adorn the lush greens and floral fiesta the wedding functions were going to be. Our main objective was to entrance the guests through some offbeat merry- and memory-making that would make this grand celebration incredibly special. Additionally, we were to plan the event technology support in a way that would showcase variety for the different segments, and keep the guests engrossed throughout. Lastly, it was equally essential to have the wedding be etched on the minds of all those who gathered, by means of tangible takeaways branded with the newlyweds’ initials.

On the afternoon of October 27, 2023, the hosts welcomed the attendees to a relaxed and fun Mehendi event. Going with the serene and laid-back vibes, GoKapture supplied the pre-wedding function with a pair of fun activities to engage the people with. Our Bobblehead Photo Booth made for an interactive stop where the guests could not only take pictures, but also collect little standees with their own faces. The booth charmed everyone, generating an army of around 300 miniature Bobbleheads, each of which carried the bride and groom’s names and custom messages.

Check out the quality of our Bobblehead Station (Watch it in HD):

The following day saw a change of pace and setting, as the party moved to the Bubble Island, ASFUN for a water-bound fiesta. To match the vigorous energy of this pre-wedding outing, we set up our tremendously fun Anti-Gravity Photo Booth at the location. This truly awesome photobooth was the cause of much hilarity among the guests as they became increasingly inventive with poses inside the topsy-turvy world of the booth. Alongside, preparations were also made for a twin Flipbooks Photo Booth setup, arranged to instantly pop out 35 flipbooks animated with the guests’ photos.

The other adrenaline-inducing component of the occasion was the Stepper activity, designed in a two-player setup. This Internet of Things-powered Spot Running game saw fans from all age groups turning up, with kids, youth and the elders all queueing up to race against each other in this customized game. Digital games and quizzes aren’t limited to their productivity in the corporate world, but have established their appeal in uniting a dispersed crowd at social gatherings.

For the big day on October 29, the wedding guests were treated to the Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Bilaspur, that made for a trendy medium of entertainment for all. The Digital Caricature Booth, with several styles to choose from in order to instantly turn captured frames into dynamic caricatures, was a great way to elevate wedding photography with a modern twist.

Check out the quality of our Digital Caricature Photo Booth (Watch it in HD):

In all, GoKapture wrapped up a successful wedding in Bilaspur by renting out seven products to make each day memorable and a joy for all participants. Each photobooth and game was designed to add a unique flavour to the celebrations, representing the perfect balance between revered conventions and contemporary aspirations.

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