NAPCON 2023 Hyderabad

APEX Halez Steals the Show at NAPCON 2023 with Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Hyderabad

It might have been the temperatures dipping, but the vibrant city of Hyderabad only saw rising anticipation and excitement for the latest edition of NAPCON. Returning in 2023, bigger and better upon the fusion of two other conferences, NAPCON Hyderabad was held from November 30 to December 3 at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre.

One of the participating presenters at the conference was Halez, which is a key component of APEX Laboratories, an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company, with a renewed focus on the respiratory portfolio.

Halez requested GoKapture’s expertise to mark their attendance at NAPCON 2023 in Hyderabad. The four-day event is reputed to be India’s largest pulmonary conference, and was celebrating its silver jubilee this year. Thus, a massive turnout with global interdisciplinary experts was to be expected. Not only was the event marked by delegates in various fields, it also had a tourism-cum-edutainment component to indulge the attendees with, and called for due contribution from the participating exhibitors to the same.

Thus, we opted for our reliable Digital Caricature Photo Booth in Hyderabad, which has been a constant favourite at trade shows and conferences to captivate the audience and successfully realize one’s experiential marketing goals. For two days, i.e., December 1 and 2, the Halez stall at NAPCON Hyderabad remained a buzzing centre of attraction with markedly enhanced footfall, thanks to the Caricature Booth, that modified the event experience into a touching memory.

Digital Caricature Photo Booth for APEX Halez at NAPCON 2023 by GoKapture

The Digital Caricature Booth is immensely popular at corporate events and particularly large gatherings, owing to its ease of providing an interesting event photography experience to every user. The captured photographs are instantly transformed into caricatures of the people, the styles of which may be decided beforehand. Such a photobooth in Hyderabad presents a great opportunity to exhibit creativity in the process of brand activation, and produce unique outputs with each click. The Halez booth sent off each visitor with a customized token of appreciation, signing the resultant caricature photographs with their name and the brand details to remember the day by.

Check out the quality of our Digital Caricature Photo Booth (Watch it in HD):

Which next big conference are you looking to participate in? Allow GoKapture to ensure that your presence is felt, not only at the venue but also in the form of a resonating impact that the attendees carry home with them. Be it a medical congregation such as Criticare and AICOG, or the Wordcamp flagship conference, you can invigorate the crowd with a gamified activity such as VR Games or aim for maximum engagement with digital Lead Generation Games. Others, such as the Conosh Masterclass for the avid aficionados, might call for the glamorous fun of a 360-degree video booth or a Strip Photo Booth.

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