Anti Gravity Photo Booth in Bangalore for Festival

Comic Con Bengaluru 2023

Arena Animation Hits It Off at Comic Con Bengaluru 2023 with Anti Gravity Photo Booth

A living, breathing shrine to all things pop culture, Comic Con India is the biggest celebration of its kind in the country. Held across five metropolitan cities, it is the mega festival of comics, cosplay, gaming and more. Powered by Crunchroll, it’s Bangalore edition this year was held from November 17 to 19, and amassed enormous enthusiastic participation in various segments.

Arena Animation, one of India’s leading animation institutes, was a chief participant at the event. Over a period of 25 years, the institute of vocational training has cemented itself as a prominent brand name in the industry of media and entertainment. Marking their attendance at Comic Con 2023 in Bangalore, they approached GoKapture to help curate an unforgettable experience for the visitors that would be representative of their position as pioneers in non-formal curriculum design and training to propel careers.

Primary objectives: Comic Con Bengaluru is known to generate mighty buzz, and attracts a diverse crowd of anime enthusiasts from a broad demographic. Keeping in mind the event’s reach and popularity among specific interest groups, we outlined the following main objectives:

  • Brand visibility: Reshape the brand’s identity in context and among newer audiences, amplifying its reach.
  • Quality engagement: Create an immersive experience that captures the essence of Comic Con attendance and prolongs the dwell time at the booth.
  • Digital traction: Encourage attendees to share glimpses of their time well-spent on social media.

Event panning and storyboarding: The client wanted to prioritize maintaining the ambiance of the festival in general, while adding the brand’s unique flavour at the booth. Keeping with the high spirits of fun an aesthetic innovation of Comic Con, we decided to install an Anti Gravity Photo Booth in Bangalore that would be an absolute visual treat to every passerby. Instead of cluttering the space with props, we decide to play up with colours that would pop off against both the venue’s thematic colour scheme and the brand’s signature hues. The vibrant, checkered room we thus created was meant to boldly stand out as an indulgent haven of a person who adored anime and movies.

Anti Gravity Photo Booth for Comic
Anti Gravity Photo Booth forComic

Implementation: Our Anti Gravity Photo Booth for Comic Con was the focal point of Arena Animation’s exhibition stand. Complete technical assistance was provided to run the booth without a glitch and promise a seamless experience.The booth also gifted branded souvenirs to its users, with their memories placed in customized photo jackets to remember the day by.

Event panning and storyboarding
Arena Animation’s exhibition stand
Results: The Anti Gravity Booth was well-received at the event, turning heads and generating curiosity all over. Attendees lined up with their friends to capture a fun moment at the booth. It achieved the following goals:
  • Brand reinforcement: This photobooth in Bengaluru served as an introduction to the brand that is Arena Animation for the visitors at Comic Con. With prominent logo placement and the use of upbeat colours, each captured snapshot doubled as a branded piece of content that the people could take with them, extending the brand’s reach beyond the event.
  • Heightened interaction: It greeted the attendees by mirroring the general enthusiasm for the fest and miaximized engagement by not only diverting footfall, but also ensuring that the people would spend a considerably longer time at the booth.
  • Enhanced social sharing: This uniquely designed photo booth had the users taking to social media platforms to speak of their presence at the coolest celebration in town. By guaranteeing a stand-out experience, we ensured that Arena’s physical presence would echo in organic user-generated content online as well.
  • Positive event recall: The photo booth experience was no doubt a highlight of the event, and thanks to the uplifting atmosphere surrounding it and the branded takeaways, it contributed to cementing the day as a specially joy-filled memory for all.
Check out the quality of our Anti-Gravity Photo Booth (Watch it in HD):

The Anti Gravity Booth, much like the Digital Caricature Booth and Bobbleheads, makes for an exciting twist to traditional photography that is ideal for festivals, conferences and exhibitions to generate mementos on demand. Channel the crowd’s energy with effective event gamification, as we did at Nykaaland with a game-based vending machine, or play it safe with the Selfie Booth that lent its charm to the 2023 edition of the Goa Fest.

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