Bblunt Unveils New Salon with the Megahit 360 Degree Spin Booth in Kolkata

Bblunt Unveils New Salon with the Megahit 360 Degree Spin Booth in Kolkata

Another beloved addition to the chain of renowned salons in the country, Bblunt Salon, Kolkata opened up with a bang. The inaugural function stood out as an evening of fun and cheer, celebrating new beginnings and a promise of greater success.

A popular name in the world of hair experts, Bblunt is well-known for its range of haircare products and the unmatched quality of its salon experience. In India, it has been at the forefront of dispensing celebrity-class hair styling tools and technique to a much wider demographic. With a commitment to celebrating individuality and self-expression, Bblunt continues to empower individuals to embrace their unique styles. Whether at a salon chair or in the comfort of one’s home, Bblunt consistently delivers on its promise of making hair fabulous and fostering a culture of beauty that is both accessible and inclusive.

For this salon’s unveiling, Bblunt wished to created a memorable and buzz-worthy event that would reflect its industrial might and ambitious plans for the future. With this aim, GoKapture was approached to provide entertainment that would secure an unforgettable experience for all the invitees. We naturally trusted our best of photobooths in Kolkata for the job-the 360 Degree Spin Booth

360 degree spin booth for Bblunt salon opening in Kolkata by GoKapture

The 360 Video Booth has easily stood the test of times in which we’ve seen trends shifting faster than ever, as well the sheer variety of events being catered to by photo and video booths. For this salon opening, Bblunt and our team stipulated the essential objectives of captivating patrons and first-timers alike with the evocation of the brand’s image and producing authentic user-generated content that would create buzz at the venue and echo the event’s success online. In the implementation of the aforementioned, the booth was strategically placed right at the entrance, to greet the visitors with a powerful image of the brand that would continue to reverberate even beyond othe day through the captured videos.


Overall, it can be safely concluded that the 360 Photo Booth helped attain the following agenda at this BBlunt salon opening:
  • The booth set the tone for the occasion- glamorous and meant to put each individual in the spotlight, much like BBlunt’s own philosophy of bolstering individual styles and personas.

  • It created an thoroughly engaging experience for the attendees, which they were easily prompted to share on different social media platforms to record its charm from their own perspectives.

  • It offered seamless brand integration into the video-making experience, and placed Bblunt at the centre of these tailor-made memories that the guests took home with them.

  • The 360 video booth was also a powerful medium of renegotiating customer relationship, not only amplifying the warm, welcoming feels of the event but also impacting Bblunt’s image and ethic, garnering positive reviews and enthsuaistic online mentions.
  • Check out the quality of our 360 degree spin booth in Kolkata (Watch it in HD):

    Ideal for semi-formal occasions such as a club opening,Company Day Family Day awarding ceremony and even colossal gatherings such as the Lollapalooza music festival, the 360 Booth remains undefeated in its poularity. But that’s not all you get at GoKapture. We hold to our hearts the principle of neverceasing in innovation and honing quality delivery. Celebrate new beginnings, or perhaps restarts,expansions and product launches with our immensely adored Strip Photo Booth or the dazzling Light Painting Booth. Make every visitor stop and pay attention with a Social Wall alight with the digital buzz surrounding the occasion, or make an engaging activity with the Digital Slingshot or or the Digital Lantern and explore the possibilities of interactive display setups.

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