Strip Photo Booth and 360 Spin Booth in Surat at Marriott


GoKapture has installed and executed Strip Photo Booth in Surat on 17th Feb 2022. Also for the same family, we executed the 360 Spin booth on 18th Feb at Marriott

Strip Photo Booth is a unique concept, where our photo booth clicks 3 to 4 photos back to back, and print them in a photo strip of size 2×6” or 3×8”. And for this event we printed duplicate strips. One copy was given to the guests and another copy was pasted on a scrapbook. Where guests can write their wishes or memories with the couple and the family. Check out the scrapbook in the below video.

GoKapture has also executed the famous 360 Spin Booth in Surat. Check out a sample output.

Call us to book Strip Photo booth or 360 Video Booth 9963702557

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