Instagrammable Events

It is not enough to just have a photo booth, event organizers must now think beyond the picture. They must be filtered to extreme finesse, posted with relevant hashtags to fulfill the experience and feel appropriate at any event.

Ages 18-29 have the best reflex for this kinds things; be it a wedding or a concert. They were not there until they have a proof of picture. How do you make your event Instagram worthy? That’s where technology comes into play.

GoKapture’s smart photo booth allows your guests to take pictures and alter them on their smartphones. Share them with your event hashtag. And by doing so giving you access to print them instantly on keepsake worthy designs.

​Unlimited Pictures l Customised Template l Automatic Printer l Frames l Guests Scrapbook l Theme Props

Add two pictures of our wedding photos/ wedding photobooth/ event photobooth

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