“6- Foolproof ways” to generate content from your hotel visitors


The Rise of User-Generated Content in the Hospitality Industry:

The rise of user generated content in the Hospitality Industry is one of the best marketing forces for Hotels & Resorts, since hotels moved their marketing collateral and booking abilities online. User-Generated-Content gives consumers the power to create and manage a Hotel’s Brand Reputation.
“With 70% of consumers between the ages of 25-54 posting on social media to share experiences with friends and family while traveling, and a further 53% of Millennials using UGC to aid with hotel booking choices, it is clear that consumers trust user-generated content”
Hotels are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend due to the substantial number of guests that visit and stay with them annually. They can leverage the UGC as a Valuable-Strategic Move-in generating more direct bookings that relying on 3rd party Booking Sites:

Here are the 6 Foolproof ways to engage your Hotel Guests to generate Content for your Hotel Brand for FREE!

UGC can be generated for the Hotel’s advertisement, with pictures, videos, testimonials, social media posts, blog posts and everything in between.

1. Hashtag Printer 

Because a photo is worth a million words & if it doesn’t get shared online, its as good as it never happened!
Hashtag Printer is the most sought after and innovative tool to produce visual content for a Hotel. It is the perfect way to get your guests engaged with your brand on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. It is one of the easiest, simplest & the most organic way to promote Hotel’s Hashtag across multiple social media channels and creates tremendous visual content.
With Hashtag printing, a visitor is bound to upload their picture on social media to get a print copy of the picture (to take with them as a souvenir) thus, ensuring content creation. Apart from creating content for the Hotel, it creates a unique Hashtag for the Hotel, providing a unique identity online.
It is an exciting tool to have in the premises of Hotels and Resorts.
*GoKapture has successfully generated over 10k images from customers on Instagram for a Hotel brand, which helped in sales conversions.
We will be happy to help you install a Hashtag Printer in Your Hotel.
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2. Social Media Contests –

People love to win free stuff!
Hotels can be confident in attracting a lot of participation with Contests and Giveaway strategy.
For instance, A give-away of a complimentary meal or a goodie bag or, stay in the hotel for free (the lucky winners of-course!) in exchange for participating in the highest tagger contest engages the potential guest, a lot more than spending exorbitant marketing budgets on commercial advertisements.
Running contents on your Hotel’s social media channels during an upcoming event or a Festival is also a good strategy to attract more eyeballs.
It’s a win-win for both the parties and inspires loyalty and goodwill on the visitor base.

3. Photo ops (offline) –

Visual UGC is the modern-day version of word-of-mouth marketing
The latest marketing trend is all about creating the perfect picture. You probably noticed guests taking a number of photos during their visit to your hotel and share them online. Encouraging guests to take more pictures by providing props like fun stickers, signs and by establishing Photo Booths with unique themes in the Hotel premises entices the hotel guests and prompt them to take more pictures. The more pictures clicked and shared, the more value created for the hotel brand.

Here are some ideas on how to install a perfect photo opportunity in your Hotel. Be it a frame in the lawn or a photobooth in the garden, Your guests are sure to click their picture in one of these!

4. The 3 R’s : Ratings, Reviews and Responses –

Ratings & Reviews are an integral part of a Hotel’s content marketing strategy and are the building blocks for Sales & Conversions. Reviews drive more traffic to the Hotel website, increasing conversion rates and also provide the Hoteliers, with constructive feedback. We identified a few unique ways of attracting more participation from Visitors to provide their valuable feedback:

  • Encourage previous visitors to reply to a query posted by a potential guest, by tagging them in the Q&A section of website.
      • Setting up feedback forms near the reception desk and at photo ops (near a #Hashtag Printer).
      • Displaying Customer Reviews on the Hotel’s website home page, tagging their social profiles, thereby persuading other visitors to write a review.
      • Setting up a Social -Wall on the website and the Hotel’s Reception (where the foot fall is high) to aggregate amazing content published by guests, to sparkle more participation from visitors.

* The Hotel team should also make it a point to respond to the reviews as quickly as possible to
maintain the engagement rate.

5. Influencer Recommendations –

Influencers for Hotels and Resorts are usually expert bloggers, Travel Enthusiasts, Food connoisseurs and Lifestyle experts. Because these influencers have a broad online presence, they can expose the Hotel brand to receptive audiences through the content they create.
Hotels can generate tremendous impressions and sales conversions by reeling in the influencers to run certain campaigns such as: Inviting a Travel blogger to stay in the Hotel and write about their experiences, inviting a Lifestyle blogger to launch a festive event, and a Food blogger to taste the new menu’s of the restaurant.
Such campaigns provide genuine feedback to prospective visitors of Hotels and also generate valuable content to be used multiple times over multiple channels and mediums.

6. Check-in Tags –

People always want to boast about the wonderful experiences they had and about their latest expedition. Location tags come handy and is the top feature of any social channel. Check-in feature creates overwhelming content for Hotels and act as a virtual Word of mouth publicity.

Consumers trust Authenticity

Hotels can set up a check-in QR code near the reception desks and encourage the visitors to check-in on their social media. These Check-in’s are simple but create huge curiosity in the guest’s friend list/followers, making them plan their next vacation in your Hotel, since one of their own has recommended it.

Did you know that: 56 percent of Millennials have decided to eat at a restaurant because of a friend’s post on social media?

Use all the above strategies and drive your Hotels Sales higher than ever to achieve a new Sales record! We vouch by it and We also know how to Get those results for you.

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