360 Spin Booth in Pune for a cocktail party at Ritz Carlton with 35mmcandids Photographers


GoKapture loves partnering up with photographers, event managers and marketing agencies during their events. For a cocktail party, we have partnered with 35mmcandids and executed 36 Spin booth in Pune.

GoKapture installed and executed 360 Degree spin booth in pune at Ritzs Carlton Hotel.

Check out a few of the outputs, client and our partners at 35mmcandids loved our work and has already booked us for their next events in Pune and Mumbai.

There are many names of this photo booth like 360 Spin Booth, 360 Photo, 360 Video Booth, 360 degree booth, 360 degree video booth, 360 degree spin, etc.

Learn more about it by clicking here.

Call us to book 360 Degree Spin Photo Booth: 9963702557 or

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