DVS Invites its Employees to ‘Dream Big’ at its Annual Day Celebration with the 360 Degree Spin Booth in Dubai

DVS Invites its Employees to ‘Dream Big’ at its Annual Day Celebration with the 360 Degree Spin Booth in Dubai


Bidding adieu to the month of February and ushering in the close of yet another finanicial year, DVS Advisors held their 16th Annual Day Celebration in Dubai. It was a time of regaling, rejoicing and replenishing for the DVS family, celebrating the accomplishments of the year past and anticipating greater success for 2023.

DVS, founded in 2007, is an organization that provides tax and business-related advisory services globally. With a working motto of “solutions and beyond,” the DVS Advisory Group is dedicated in delivering thoroughly researched, inclusive, practical and customized solutions and business consultation to help entrepreneurs and the like spread their wings to encompass the limits of their dreams.

DVS opted for a 360 degree spin booth rental in Dubai on this momentous occasion of vital employee engagement and fostering the collaborative spirit of the company’s teams. The Annual Day is meant to award due recognition to employees, to rebew their commitment to DVS’s vision and to inculcate the company culture and modus operandi amid much fun. The 360 photo booth in Dubai was the perfect entertainment partner for the event, ensuring that the attendees had a gala of a time while soaking in inspirational messages of the DVS leaders.

The 360 video booth is among the hottest photo booths in Dubai, adored widely for its potential to instantly boost the glamour quotient of even the most rustic occasions. With attractive customizing options to place relevant event tags and brand elements and a rotating camera arm that records the users in glorious motion as if in a movie, the 360-degree booth simply embodies fun. It is sure to capture the attention of any guest who glances its way and charm them into stepping up to have their own moment in the limelight.

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