How global logic achieved a staggering reach of 1,29,508 for its employee engagement event


Global Logic is an IT firm with a pan India presence. With the aim of boosting its employee engagement across India, Global Logic conducted a 7-day long employee recognition drive. GoKapture created a unique hashtag #KudosAtGL for the events they held at three locations – Bangalore, Noida and Nagpur – the cities which had the maximum number of employees. The same hashtag applied to the offline feature of the Hashtag printer in Pune, Gurugram and Chennai. The client was extremely satisfied at the stupendous reach of 1,29,508 that we were able to achieve for the event online. Of the 2200 attendees, 1600 registered the hashtag on social media, and a heartening 12,661 likes came in for these posts.

Hashtag Printer is a great tool in that you can share/print any picture of your corporate campus, and not just at one place but many, you can get the best photos at your desk or your lunch place or your last outing with your team mates and build a positive story about your brand with respect to employee engagment.

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